Creative brochures are widely used in all business activities like promoting the company, its products and services. There are many templates available which. BROCHURE. Creative Works Page 2. Jaroslaw Zeglen. Creative Director. We specialise in creating brand identity in digital and physical format. Colorful tri-fold business brochure template by Abra Design. Polygonal, hexagon inspired layout with simple color blocks and photo cut-outs in this modern and geometric brochure design. Brochure designs - Tri-Fold, Bi-Fold Brochures.

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You can browse to spark some ideas, or you can edit a template to fit your creative vision of the brand you're representing. All of these brochure. content developers and art directors with vast industry experience to form its creative design team. Few of the jobs undertaken by Chipin's creative team are. The short answer: we view wheat as a foundation for growth. It's an organic breeding ground for brilliant marketing ideas. It's where those ideas take root; where.

I mean everyone knows how to read a list, and can quickly move through the content. Adding a list to your marketing brochure is a fantastic, and practical, idea as well.

In this marketing brochure example, Jazmine Kohl effortlessly lists off some tips that could help art kids get the most of out their creations. If those tips were presented in any other way, I can almost guarantee a kid would never read it.

Educational/School Brochures

In this marketing brochure template , they dedicate an entire panel just to the contact information. Source Numbering your sections is an effective way to organize your content and help readers scan for information.

I honestly recommend using numbers in this way in most design project, especially those that require a lot of written content. Without the numbered sections in the marketing brochure template above from Sergey Filkov, readers may be confused about what to read first. However, the bold numbers draw your eye directly to them and then show where you should look next.

To get around the space limitations, you may need to embrace some innovative layouts or designs. Like including more than one section on each page of your marketing brochure. In this brochure, they basically smashed four pages of information into two pages rather effectively.

And the contrasting color schemes make it easy to jump from one section to the next. Source In , people are looking for genuine connections with brands. Featuring people from your community or company is a perfect way to add a friendly face to your business.

Business Consulting Bi fold Brochure Template

In this marketing brochure example for Project Search they actually highlight people that their organization helped out. That means the logos, icons, and graphics that you use to design your brochure are of the highest quality. This is extremely important when it comes to any images or photos you want to include. Thankfully, this marketing brochure template uses incredible photos that will print beautifully.

Some may need a one-page brochure, and others a small novel. Dozens of free fonts Find the typeface that best represents your project.

Experiment with different fonts, sizes, and styles for the best effect. Precise color Choose from a wide palette of colors, or create a custom color using the settings option.

25 top brochure templates for designers

Match perfectly with the color picker. Image filters Make your image fit the mood with a filter. Look through the filter previews to find the right look for your graphics. Work wherever inspiration strikes with mobile and tablet apps devoted to art, layout, and design. It is extremely useful for companies to present its profile. Download Shutterstock Professional Tri-fold Brochure This template can be used by a company for publishing and presentation purposes.

Creative Brochure Templates – 32+ Free PDF, PSD, AI, Vector EPS Format Download

It can also be used in public places as a decorative piece where large sized brochures are required. Download Creative 14 Brochures Bundle This brochure has master pages and the layers are well organized. It is extensively useful for corporate, portfolio and interior designers.

It provides links to download fonts and it has printer ready color combinations. Download Creative Indesign Brochure Template This bi-fold template is useful for companies for varieties of purposes like presentations, business activities and sales projection reports.

It has automatic page numbering feature and comes with A4 size. Download Creative Brochure Proposal This elegant brochure helps to promote business, company and portfolio works. It has twenty two pages and uses free fonts.

It has twenty two pages and comes with A4 size. Download Creative Bifold Brochure This well designed template is predominantly usefully for interior designers.

Its layers are perfectly organized and grouped.


It comes with A4 size bi-fold model and very attractive colorful work piece. It comes with A4 size and has layered files and allows changing colors fonts.It make the whole brochure feel a lot more fun.

It can also be used in public places as a decorative piece where large sized brochures are required. Explore the Adobe Spark content and brochure creation features. Academic Brochure Template Museums, historical landmarks, and city tour organizations can use the Academic brochure to bring their unique features to life.

Prism Brochure Template The pronounced angles of the Prism brochure template match the mountain resort imagery it riffs on. This bi-fold design lends itself well to a creative mind looking to try something new.