Title: Harivamsa Purana (with Hindi Translation)Language: Sanskrit (with PDF Creation and Uploading by: Hari Parshad Das (HPD) on Harivamsa Purana Translator: Bhumipati Dasa, Editor: Purnaprana Dasa With Sanskrit mulam and English Translation. Published by Rasbiharilal and sons. The Harivamsha (also Harivamsa; Sanskrit Harivaṃśa हरिवंश "the lineage of Hari (Vishnu)") is an important work of Sanskrit literature, containing 16, verses, mostly in Anustubh metre. The text is also known as the Harivamsha Purana. This is a nice translation in Hindi from Gita.

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Harivamsa Complet - Ebook download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text You have described in sweet words the most excellent and sacred Purana. harivamsa purana pdf download - trapped in a magical harivamsa purana instant access to pdf read books harivamsa purana at our ebook. The Harivamsha (also Harivamsa; Sanskrit: Harivaṃśa हरिवंश, the lineage of is to the Brahma Purana, another text that deals with the origins of Krishna.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to Puranas pdf in telugu - WordPress. This text is believed to be a khila appendix or supplement to the Mahabharata and is traditionally ascribed to Vyasa. Bhagavata Purana - Wikipedia ; The text has played a significant role in Chaitanya's Krishna-bhakti in Bengal, and in the 15th—16th century Ekasarana Dharma in Assam, a panentheistic tradition whose proponents, Sankardeva and Madhavdeva, acknowledge that their theological positions are rooted in the Bhagavata Purana, purged of doctrines that find no place in Assamese Vaishnavism and adding a monist commentary instead.

In the list below, the structure of the entries is as follows: Ganesha - the Elephant Headed God, Art and Mythology ; Ganesha is a myth! Go to google and type in Hilda Charlton and Ganesha and read the article that you come up with.

Read how Hilda Charlton, an American devotee encountered Ganesha in her real life while on a pilgrimage to a sacred site in Sri Lanka.

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Garuda purana in marathi pdf - mydownloadsoftwareonline. Harivamsa Purana - londonhealthcareconference. Harivamsa Purana, Vol. The first section, the Harivamsa-parva, appears in volumes 1 and 2 of this multi-volume set.

The second section, the Vishnu-parva, appears in volumes 3 through 6 and the first half of volume 7. I'm Michael and I'm a blogger. You are staying on my blog where I publish PDF files that my readers can download. I started this blog 2 years ago True model Pentax optio w10 manual pdf sunpak Sony dream machine manual icf cd Blog Archives - tecloadzone ; Download our harivamsa purana in english eBooks for free and learn more about harivamsa.

Print versions of the purana are available on Flipkart with free.

This file is in high quality scan. It is divided into 66 cantos and contains 12, slokas.

The book aims to narrate the life of Neminatha, the twenty-second Tirthankara in Jainism. According to the Jain sources, Krishna is the first cousin of Tirthankara Neminatha. Sri Harivamsa Puranam. Sri Rompicharla Srinavasa Chaaryulu.

Tweet; You may also be interested in. Harivamsa Parva, Mahabharata - indianetzone. It is also known as Harivamsa or the lineage of Hari. It is not a poem and in no sense the work of any one poet, but a jumbled or quite loosely connected mass of texts- legends, myths and hymns- serving for the glorification of Lord Vishnu. Born first in the race of Kshatriyas, Vena's son Prithu protected this earth 2d. That lord of the earth was the first born of those who are sprinkled with water at the Rajshuya sacrifices.

For him were born Suta and Magadha, experts in singing the glories of kings 2q. O descendant of Bharata, to give livelihood to his subjects by him the earth was milched for corns in the company of the gods, Rishis, the ancestral manes, Danavas, Gandharvas, Apsaras, serpents, Guyakas, creepers and mountains z6.

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When milched the earth gave wished-for milk in their respective vessels ; by it they maintain their lives Two sons, conversant with religion, were born to Prithu, Antardhi and Palita. Antardhi begat Havirdhana on Shilchandin Thus O monarch, Prachinavarhis, gifted with great spiritual power, was born of Havirdhana.

He was a great Patriarch and multiplied the progeny go. O Janamejaya, the tips, of the Kuga grass in his sacrificial ground, were directed towards the east and they covered the entire earth. And therefore he was celebrated by the name of Prachinavarhis 3a. Having carried on great austerities that king espoused Savarna the daughter of the ocean, who gave birth to ten sons for Prachinavarhis who were all called Prachetas and had mastered the science of archery 32 r 33 , Observing the same religion and lying in the waters of the ocean they carried on great austerities for ten thousand years.

When the Prachetas were engaged in carrying on penances the trees covered the unprotected earth and so the creatures were being destroyed The wind could not blow and the sky was covered with trees. The creatures could set forth no exertion for ten thousand years Perceiving this and getting angry all those Prachetas, observant of rigid austerities, created air and fire from their mouths Having uprooted those trees the wind dried them up and the fire then burnt them up-thus their was a dreadful destruction of trees Informed of the destruction of trees and when a few plants still survived the king Soma, approaching the Patriarchs, said gg.

The earth is shorn of trees and so let fire and air be pacified q. This beautiful daughter of the trees is like a jewel. Knowing the future I begat her q. This girl is called Marisha and is created for the trees. Let this great one, multiplying the race of Soma, be your wife q. By the half of your energy and that of mine, your son, the Patriarch Daksha will be born of her That one, effulgent like fire, will multiply the creation well-nigh destroyed by your firelike energy q.

Thereupon in accordance with the words of Soma restraining their anger against the trees the Prachetas duly married lfIarisha q.

Then they all mentally thought of conception in Marisha. O Bharata, the Patriarch Daksha was born of Marish.

Then to multiply the race of Soma he created various offspring, mobile, immobile, two legged and fourlegged sons. Having created mentally first the sons Daksha created his daughters q. Since then, V king, creatures are being engendered by sexual intercourse. Their predecessors were created by mere thinking, seeing and touching How could they then enter into a matrimonial alliance? Being a grand-son of Soma how could he become his father-in-law?


The Risbis and the wise are not bewildered at it O king, the Dakshas are born in every yuga. There is one Daksha in one yuga and another in another. The learned make no mistakes in it O king, there was formerly no priority of birth among'them-they were considered elder by asceticism and their prowess was the cause thereof He, who knows the ',mobile and immobile creation of Daksha, gets offspring and when the lease of his life runs celestial region O king, hear how Daksha created progeny when he was commanded by Swayambhuva, saying "create progeny.

When this his mind-born creation did not multiply, for such was the thought of the intelligent Mahadeva, the Patriarch, thinking again of the multiplication of his creation and desirous of creating progeny by sexual intercourse, married Asniki, the daughter of the Patriarch Virana, engaged in a penance for a son and capable of giving birth to a great race Thereupon the energetic Patriarch Daksha begat five thousand sons on Asniki, the daughter of 1lirana 7.

Beholding those great men desirous of multiplying progeny, the celestial saint Narada, ever fond of carrying news, for their destruction and for his own imprecation, said 8 a Afraid of Daksha and his imprecation the ascetic Kagyapa begat on his daughter the same celestial saint Narada who had been begotten by Brahma g. Narada was formerly begotten by Brahma; and then that foremost of celestial saints Kagyapa again begat that best of ascetics on Asniki, daughter of Virana Io.

Undoubtedly by him the sons of Daksha, celebrated under the name of Haryaswas were freed from attachment to body through scriptural knowledge and rendered invisible ii. When Daksha, of immeasurable prowess, was ready to destroy Mirada, Parameshti tBrahnla , with leading saints before him, begged him not to do it tz. Thereupon Daksha made this contrast with Parameshti that his son Narada would be born as the son of his Dakspa's daughter t3. Thereupon Daksha gave away his daughter unto Parameshti : and the Rishi, in fear of the imprecation of Daksha, begat Narada on her t4.

Hear from me their names Daksha, how stupid you are all, since you do not know Arundhuti, Vasu, Yami, Lamva, Blianu, Marutvati, Sankalpa the cause of all and still desire to create progeny ; with- Muhurta, Sadhya and Vishwa, these ten, 0 descendant of out knowing him who is in heaven, earth and nether region Bharata, were the wives of Dharma.

Hear from me of their how do you wish to create progeny? Hearing his offspring 3 t. Vishwadevas were the sons of Vishwa and words those descendants of Daksha, without caring for each Sadhya gave birth to Sadhyas.

Marutvati was the mother of other, repaired to various directions to see the cause of all Maruts and Vasus were the sons of Vasu Bhanus were i8. Having restrained vital airs, and attained to the pure the sons of Bhanu and the Muhurttas of Muhurtta Brahman they secured emancipation. Even now they have Gosha was born of Lamva and Nagavithi of Yami.

Arundhuti not returned like the rivers from the ocean Ig. When the gave birth to all the herbs of the earth The Deity of Haryaswas were thus lost eight of, Daksha, the son of Pra. O king, sons on the daughter of Virana They then in astrology The celestials, who have profuse effulgence spoke amongst themselves "the great saint Narada has before them, were celebrated by the name of eight Vasus. I spoken the just thing. We should follow the footsteps of will mention their names at length Apa, Dhruva, Soma, our brothers ; there is no doubt about that They, Sranta and Muni.

Dhruva's son was the Divine Kala, the by the same way, repaired to various directions. Even now destroyer of creatures Soma's son was the Divine they have not returned like the rivers from the ocean Varchas who begat Varcaaswi.

Dhara's son was Dravina When the Shavalashwas too were lost sight of, Daksha, the carrier of sacrificial oblations. Anila's wife was destruction and experience the pain of living in the womb Shiva whose son was Manojava. Anila, whose course is not Agni's son Kumara shone in the of another he meets with destruction. So the learned should thickets of Sara grass. His names are Shakha, Vishakha, not do it Knowing his sons thus exiled and destroyed Naigameya and Prishthaja This we have ,heard Pratyusha's son was the Rishi Devala whose two sons were forgiving and observant of hard austerities 44 - Shorn of attachment Vrihaspati's sister, the beautiful Yogasiddha, who led a life of celebacy, ranged all over the earth She became the wife of the eighth Vasu Prabhasa.

The noble Patriarch Vishwakarma was born of her He made chariots for the celestials, was their architect, the maker of thousands of fine things and dresses and the foremost of artizans. Adopting his art as their profession mankind are now making their livelihoods O foremost of Bharatas, in Puranas, hundreds, of such ;Rudras of incomparable energy, have been mentioned who have spread over the mobile and immobile creation In the Manwantara of Vsivaswata they used to address one another by the name of Tushita During the reign o the present highly illustrious Manu Chakshusha, they all assembled to-.

Saicra and Vishnu were also born of her. Those who passed by the name of Tuslzita during the Manwantara of Chakshusha were known as twelve Adityas during the Manwantara of Vaivaswata The twenty seven wives of Soma, observant of vows and of incomparable energy, gave birth to luminous bodies as, their offspring 63 : Arishthanemi's wives had sixteen sons. The best of works Riks originated3 from Pratyangiras and the celestial sanit Krishaswa beget deities paesiding over various celestial weapons O child, these deities take theft' births again after thowarid Yugas.

Of them thirty three' tale birth of their own accord As in this world the sun rises and sets, soking; the origin and disappearance of all these gods are also mentioned: They appear and disappear at. Kagyapa beget on Diti two sons, the powerful Hiranyakashipu and Hiranyaksha. This we have heard Her highly powerful sons were celebrated by the name of Saihinkeyas. It is said, O king, that theft numllxeer was ten thousand 7o d They had, O thou having mighty: arms, hundreds and thousands of sons and grandsons.

Hear now from me of the children of Hiranykashipu y. And Sanghrada was the fourth. Hrada's son was Hrada. Sunda and Nisunda Anurahada's sons-were Ayu, Sivi -and Kala. Virochana was Pralhada's son ; and his son was Vali 7d. O king, Vali had hundred sons, of whom Vane was the eldest. Of them Vana was the eldest powerful and a beloved votary of Paqupati In the previous Kalpa, Vana, having propitiated the Divine Lord o Uma, prayed to him for the boon "I shall remain by your side.

Vane beget on his wife Lohita, a son, by name Indradamana. Hundreds and thousands of Asuras yeilded to his power The five sons of Hiranyaksha were learned and highly powerful-they were Jarjara, Sakuni, Bhutasantapana, the powerful Mahanabha and Kalanabha. Hundred sons of dreadful prowess were born to Dann. They were all ascetic and endued with great energy.

Hear their names in order of precedence 7g-8o. Amongst those highly powerful Danavas Viprachitta was the head 8i-8g. O king, I cannot enumerate the offspring, sons and grandsons, of all these Danavas go. Sarvana's daughter was Prabha, Puloma's daughter was Sachi, Hayasira's daughter was Upadanavi and Vrishaparva's daughter was Sharmishtha gr. Vaistawanara had two daughters Puloma and Kalika-they ;-.

Those living in the city of Hiranya were placed by Brahma above destruction even by the gods.

Harivamsa Complet

They were afterwards killed by Savyasxchi in battle g5. Viprachitta beget on Singhika another class of highly dreadful Danavas g7 By the union of Deity and Danava energies they grew of dreadful prowess. Those thirteen highly powerful Danavas were celebrated by the name of Sainghikeyas tg8. Of them Rahu, the represser of the sun and the moon, was the eldest. Hrada had two sons, Suka and Tuhunda IO1. Sunda beget on Taraka a son by name Marachi, another by name Sivamana, energetic like a celestial to2.

All these Danavas, multiplying the race of Danu, were great. Their sons and grandsons were hundreds and thousands in number ro3. The noble Nivatakavachas endued witht great asciticism were born in the race of the Daitya Sanghrada to. Those Danavas, living in the city of Manimati; beget three Koti offspring. The gods could not destroy them and they were slain by Arjuna IO5. Such is the description of Tamra's family ro7-io8.

Suparna, the foremost of birds, grew immensely powerful by his own action i Surasagave birth to a thousand. Powerful, and many headed fJagas endued with immeasurable energy, the offspring of Kadru, were born as being subject to Suparna III.

Fourteen thousand sons and grandsons of these dreadful serpents were devoured by Garuda, Diving on serpents. Know this class to be full of anger. Surabhi gave birth to line arid buffaloes zIti7. Aristha gave birth to the p.

Hundreds and thousands of sons and grandsons have been bore to them. Such was the creation, O my child, in Sevaroct;isha ldanwantara i2o. Formerly when seven IZishis were procreated by his mind the grand-father considered them as laic sans r G descendant of I3harata, when the conflict between the gcds and demons raged on, D-iti, who had her sons siaifs..

Zhjt great ascetic, when thus begged, conferred on aer. I-laving conferred on her the boor. Thinking of one of the leadings god. Then that one crl: great vows repaired to a hilly region for carrying on periances r3o.

From that day the slayer of PdJca Indra began, to seek her fault One day before hundred years were complete Diti, without washing her feet, lay dowry do her bed. Beholding her impure state the king of gads entered into her abdomen and made her asleep t3a--t Then the holder of thunderbolt sundered the embryo into seven pieces. Cut into pieces with the thunderbolt the embryo began to cry r Sakra again and again prevented him saying "Do not cry i do not cry i " The embryo was then divided into seven pieces.

Indra too, the slayer of enemies, worked up with anger, again cut every piece into seven portions with his thunder-bolt. From them originated the gods called Maruts, O foremost of Bharatas 13q.

Because they were addressed by iUIaghavan saying Do not weep Ma yudrt so the Maruts were born and they all became of help to the holder of thunderbolt When creatures thus multiplied, O Ja-amejay;i.

That Hari is the heroic person Vishciu, Jishnu, the Patriarch, the king of rains and is the air in his visible force. The whole universe is His r3g. O foremost of Bhara. He placed Soma in charge of the twiceborn, herbs, planets, stars, sacrifices and hard austerities 2.

He then installed Varuna as the king of waters, Vaishravana as the lord of kings, Vishnu the king of Adityas, Pavaka the king of Vasus, Daksha the king of Patriarchs, Vasava the king of Maruts, Pralhada of incomperable energy the king of Daityas, and and Danavas, Yama, the offspring of the sun, as the king of the departed manes, Narayana as the king of Matris, vows, Mantras, trine, Yakshas, Rakshasas and kings and Siva, having the emblem of a bull, as the king of Sadhyas and Rudras He then ordered Viprachitta to become the king of the Danavas and made Girisha Siva the holder of mace, the eking of all ghosts and goblins 8.

He made Himavan, the king of mountains, and the ocean the king of rivers and appointed the greatly power Vayu as the king of smell, bodiless creatures, sound, ether and earth g. He made the lord Chitraratha the king of Gandarvas, Vasulci, the king of Nagas and Takshaka the king of serpents ro. He installed Sesha as the king of wild animals and Talcshaka, the king of reptiles :end serpents iq. He made Kamadeva the king of Gandharvas and Asuras and Samvatsara the king of seasons, months, days, fortnights, moments, conjunctions of planets, Parvas, Kalas, Kashthas, Pramasha, Ayanas, Mathematics and all conjunctions.

Having divided the kingdom in such an order Brahma placed all the guardians of the quarters. He installed Sudhanna, the son of the Patriarch Vairaja as the Protector of the eastern quarter.

He placed in the South the high-souled Sankhapada, the son of the Patriarch Kardama, He installed the high-souled Ketuman, the son of Raja, as the king of the West.

And he made the irrepressible, Hiranycoma, the son of the Patriarch Prajanya, the king of the North.

Harivamsa in Translation

Even now they have been piously ruling over their respective provinces of the earth consisting of seven insular continents and mountains. By all those kings Prithu was appointed as the Lord Paramonnt in a Rajshuya sacrifice according to rites laid down in the Vedas, U king y After the expiration of the highly vigorous Manwantara of Chakshusha the Patriarch Brahma conferred the kingdom on Manu Vaivaswata.

If you wish to listen, U sinless king, 1 shall give you at length an account of his life for your help. This has been described fully in Purana. It is sacred and confers fame, longivity, residence in heaven and auspiciousness 2q. JANAMEJnyA said Vaishampayana, do thou describe in full, the birth of Prithu and how by that high-souled one this earth was milched 26 ; how was she milched by the ancestral manes, gods, Rishis, Daityas, Nagas, Yakshas, serpents, mountains, Pishachas, Gandharvas, the leading 13rahmanas,Rakshasas, and other great creatures, z8.

Do thou also relate, wiry formerly Vena's arm was churned by the angry Rishis O monarch, I do not describe this unto him, who is impure, little-wined, why is not a worthy dosciple, who does not observe vows, who is ungrateful and injures people O king, do thou listen duly to this theme descritred by the god-Like laishis wlaic? A highly impious son by name Vena was born to him. That Patriarch was begotten on Sunitha the daughter of Death 2. Imbibing the defect of his maternal grand-father, that son of Kala's daughter deviated from his own duties and preached freedom of conduct in the world 3.

That king established an irreligious order and disregarding Vedic observances he engaged in impious actions. During his administration the study of the Vedas and the performance of the Vedic rites were suspended. And the celestials did not get Soma juice consecrated in Yajnas 5.

C, rocnise of the Matriarch that no one would perform, even a'. After the death of Atri you have forsooth been born as a Patriarch. And you made the contract that you would govern tire subjects" ro. After they had said this the wicked and indisposed Vena, laughing, said to all arose great Rishis, the following evil words ti. Vena said "Who else will be tire founder of religion?

Whom shall I hear? Who else is superior to me on this earth in learning, energy, prowess, asceticism and truth c2? All creatures and especially all forms of religion have originated from me. You are all stupid and void of consciousness and therefore you do not know me zg. If I wish I can burn down tire earth or overflow it with water.

I can obstruct the heaven and earth there is no need of discussing it t. When tire noble lvishis could not make Vena humble on account of his pride and egotism, they, worked up with anger, belaboured that highly powerful king and began to churn his left thigh r5-t6.

When the thigh of that king was thus churned there arose from it a greatly short and dark person y. O Jaoamejaya, i:e stood there, stricken with fear and folding his areas. Thereupon, those high-sotied Rishis, worked up with anger, began to churn the right area of Vena like a piece of wood used for kindling fire 2 r;.

At his birth all tile creatures were filled with delight and Vella too, O monarch, repaired to tile celestial region O descendant of Kuru, the great Prithu, a good sore, being born he saved Vena from the hell called Put: Taking all the jewels the oceans came to him with water for his installation The Divine Brahma,, with the Devas, tile offspring of Angiras, and all other creatures, mobile and immobile, came there and installed the effulgent king, tile son of Vena, the lord of an extensive kingdom The highly energetic and powerful son of Vena, Prithu, was installed as the first king.

Rishis conversant with tile Vedas and other scriptures 30 By him were pleased tile subjects who had been dissatisfied by his fatter.

harivamsa purana pdf file

On account of his being the object of their love he was called Raja king. When he used to m-eke a voyage in tile ocean the water used be grow hard as land and tile mountains made way for him and the branches of the trees were not 13 broken down The earth grew easy of production and yielded articles of food as soon as thought of.

Tile kiue gave mills whenever milched and honey grew in every leaf d3. In the meantime at tile sacred Yajna of Brahma, was born the highly intelligent Suta 3. At that great Yajna was also born the wise Magadha. It is for this that the Hindus look so eargerly to the birth of a son. This is a work that befits you and this king too is also an worthy subject for it g,5.

O ye twiceborn ones, we are not cognizant of the actions, characteristics and fame of this energetic king: How shall we then chant his glories" 38? They were then engaged by the Rishis to chant his glories saying "Do ye chant his glories by the deeds which the highly powerful Prithu did in the previous Kalpa 3g. This king speaks truth, has a good character; keeps his promise, is modest, does good unto all, is forgiving; powerful, represses the wicked, observes his duties, is grateful, merciful, always speaks sweet words and respects those who deserve it, performs Yajnas, is devoted to Br2:hmanas; is of a quiet temperament; and observes the rules of society.

Being highly pleased with their eulogy the king Prithu conferred upon Suta the province of Arupa, and on Magadha, that of Magadha q3.

Thereat delighthd the great Rishis and the subjects said "The king will forsooth grant us maintenances in abundance3' qq. Thereupon at the words of the great saints, the subjects approached the son of Vena and begged of him their maintenances q. Thus approached by his subjects and with a view to do them good the powerful king took up his bow and assailed the earth q.At his birth all tile creatures were filled with delight and Vella too, O monarch, repaired to tile celestial region He looked effulgent like the burning eternal fire with his sharpened arrows and even the immortals could not repress that high-souled one 9.

Hear now from me of the children of Hiranykashipu y. O king, sons on the daughter of Virana Soma became their calf; the son of Angiras, the highly energetic Vrihaspati, milched her.

Apa, Dhruva, Soma, our brothers ; there is no doubt about that His names are Shakha, Vishakha, not do it Inspite of his composing his epic of Mahabharata comprising of a lac of verses, it is believe that he still felt, dissatisfied and intended to create further literature. Groups Influence.