For Allegra, mini-shopaholic-in-training. Also by Sophie Kinsella THE SECRET DREAMWORLD OF A SHOPAHOLIC SHOPAHOLIC ABROAD SHOPAHOLIC. Mini Shopaholic. Home · Mini Shopaholic Author: Sophie Kinsella. 15 downloads Views KB Size Mini Shopaholic · Read more · Mini- Shopaholic. Shopaholic Ties the Knot - Sophie Kinsella 4. Shopaholic and Sister - Sophie Kinsella 5. Shopaholic and Baby - Sophie Kinsella 6. Mini Shopaholic - Sophie.

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Sophie Kinsella is an international bestselling writer. She is the author of many number one bestsellers, including the hugely popular Shopaholic series. You can easily download Mini Shopaholic Pdf, Mini Shopaholic Pdf by pdforigin. net. [Sophie] Kinsella at her most hilarious best.”—Fort Worth. Sophie Kinsella has dazzled readers with her irresistible Shopaholic novelssensational international bestsellers that have garnered millions of devoted fans and.

Shop by category Sponsored Listings. My Not So Perfect Life by While she has written successful books as Madeleine Wickham, it's her Shopaholic books, written under her Kinsella name, that are international bestsellers. Sophie Kinsella has sold over 40 million copies of her books in more than 60 countries, and she has been translated into over 40 languages.

Mini Shopaholic. The first two novels in her best-selling Shopaholic series, The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic and Shopaholic Abroad, were adapted into the film Confessions of a Shopaholic Praise for Sophie Kinsella and her Shopaholic Sophie Kinsella.

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Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Mini Shopaholic: A Novel. Sophie Kinsella is a British author who specialises in the genre of 'chick lit'. She is probably best-known for writing the Shopaholic series of books, but she has released several stand-alone novels, both under her own name, and also under her real name of Madeleine Wickham. I feel a rush of fondness for him. I should throw him a party.

And all at once the idea hits me. What about if I throw Luke a surprise party? I have to do this. I have to. But something really cool. Something Luke would like. Do you have the money to hold a party?

Tom is smirking, and I glower back at him. Have I ever smirked at any of his projects? Well, actually, maybe I did. Summerhouses and parties are completely different. She sees me looking at her and flushes guiltily. A thrifty party! I want a marquee and a band, and caterers, and amazing lights everywhere … and entertainment! Jugglers and fire-eaters and stuff. I want to knock his socks off. I want him to walk in and be utterly speechless for … a whole minute. Why do they have to pour cold water on everything?


Bloody hell, how did that happen? I just have time to shoot an anguished look at Suze before Luke appears through the door. At the Bank of London. It was mayhem.

I thought it might stress you out. So I was just telling everyone to keep quiet about it. For a future date. He wants to see you.

Mini Shopaholic

Shall I send him in here? The Lord bless you and keep you. Just Minnie? Again, I do apologize for the slight hiatus. Good afternoon, everyone. The others seem a bit shell-shocked too. These are supposed to be my friends.

And it is going to happen. And already I have an extensive to-do list, which goes as follows: Party — To-Do List Marquee — where get? Where put? How big? Fire-eaters — where get?? Jugglers — where get??? Theme — what? Food — what? Chocolate fountain? Drink — NOT peach wine Dancing — need dance-floor.

Black and white, lights up like in Saturday Night Fever? Guests — who? Track down old friends? Roland Mouret turquoise dress with strappy Prada shoes? Azzaro red minidress and black Louboutins? OK, so a few issues are a bit unresolved as yet. I wait until I have a moment alone in the kitchen, then dial his office number. And she always wears understated tweed dresses and court shoes and speaks in the same soft voice. How are you?

And you? Can I put you through to Luke? Just to be doubly sure, I go and shut the kitchen door and pull a chair across it. This is all so cloak and dagger. Could you speak up? And I want it to be a surprise, so could you block off the date in his diary and make something up? Now I just have to decide on a party venue. My gaze drifts outside. The garden would be perfect. All the banks are like Swiss cheese! Full of holes! Have you heard, Graham?

The Prime Minister appeared on the TV last night and told everyone to please stop taking their money out. But all that did was make everyone freak out even more. I knew it would. They really should make me an adviser at Number Or would that be too much trouble? It was confidential and sensitive.

And you would have told the whole of Oxshott! Civilization will collapse! We simply might have to tighten our belts a little. Pull in our horns. All of us, Becky. What was that look for? Which I only did once. I mean, I know the younger generation like to do things differently, but really, is it so hard to walk down an aisle in a veil? Janice had already planned the table decorations and the wedding favours.

Of course! We could put up a marquee there and Luke would never suspect a thing! And I was just thinking — do you reckon Janice would let me do it in her garden? Both Dad and Mum are eyeing me weirdly. A big party! With a marquee and everything.

Luke staring in shock at the most amazing party in the world, and being literally unable to speak. That is against our family code. No one was supposed to mention George Michael ever again.

Except that I was turning thirteen, and my whole class thought George Michael was entertaining at my birthday party. And they all came with their autograph books and cameras … I feel a bit queasy, just thinking about it.

Thirteen-year-old girls are mean. And I had not made it up, like everyone said. I had not. I phoned the fan club and the man said he was sure George would have loved to be there and I kind of … misunderstood. But I was five. Have they, now? I want to throw Luke a party. Which I know is really immature and teenagery of me. But honestly.

Parents are so … annoying. Janice and Martin are totally on board and sworn to utter secrecy. So is the plumber who was fixing their tap and listening in to the whole conversation. Or something. And eight boxes of canned food, and all the candles.

We need to be prepared! So I suggest that we all look at ways that we can CB. None of us is very keen on CB. Do you know how much they cost? How many pots of jam do we need? Maybe we should be shopping at some of those lower-priced stores. Overpriced waste of money. How much is each one? Are you OK? She was asleep.

He hardly ever sees Minnie these days. Is the Daily World right or wrong? Because I heard a chap on the radio and he said there would be a domino effect. There are some extreme views out there. Not just in banking, in every sector. Our spending has got quite out of hand, Jane, crisis or no crisis. Four pounds, this cost! Will that make you happy, Graham? I mean, everything only costs a quid, for a start. Did I leave it somewhere? Around thirty shirts.

Fifty or so ties. I should cull some. Evening wear. Not in the current climate. I work in fashion, remember? Just for now. Luke was planning to get a new car as a celebration as soon as the Arcodas case was over.

It was, like, the prize. Well, I suppose if he can do that, I can wear my clothes three times before I go shopping again. I try to visualize my wardrobe. And a few things crammed in at the back. I wish I grew out of all my stuff every three months and had to replace it all. He pulls out a chair and pours himself a glass of wine. I was going to soften Mum up first, maybe via general chit-chat about au pairs. What are you talking about? I hardly dare look at her. Does he have no tact? Is he just going to blurt out everything, right here, right now?

Not on top of everything else. And after all, it is a family conference. Maybe this is the right time to break the news. Luke and I have found a lovely family house in Maida Vale. No one seems able to speak. I shoot an agonized look at Luke. This is awful. I knew it would be bad, but I never thought it would be this bad.

I can already feel the tears rising inside. You must understand that, Mum. In fact, she sounds … delighted. We can have guests to stay! And the utility room! What about the empty-nest syndrome?

What about spiralling into depression?

Mini Shopaholic

Four weeks! Tell the others! Now I really am offended. Has the whole neighbourhood been waiting for us to go? Barton — a book I was unfamiliar with. Two years, more like. How can I have so many pairs of jeans? And T-shirts?

But on the downside, there are about eighteen grey T-shirts, all scraggy and shapeless. And some really mortifying sales downloads. And the worst thing is, Luke told Jess I was doing an audit of my clothes and she decided to come over and help me.

Jess was relentless. Not the disastrous hot pants, not the revolting maroon leather waistcoat what was I thinking? Morosely I look down at myself. I want to cry.

Stupid, stupid banks. This morning Mum very ostentatiously ate her toast without jam, shooting little resentful looks at Dad the whole time. And when I get to work, things are even more depressing. I run the personal-shopping department at The Look, which is a department store on Oxford Street. In fact we all got bonuses! But today the place is desolate.

Coloured lenses are her new fashion habit. I barely recognized her, what with her mac, headscarf and sunglasses. You came! Great to see you! We had a row about it. He said, what did I need a new dress for? She thinks about every piece she downloads and goes for really classic well-made things. What a meanie her husband is. He should be proud of his wife, getting a prize.

I told Jasmine to have them ready this morning. There are some gorgeous pieces on that rail. Davina would look amazing in any one of them. I can see the lust growing in her eyes. I see this thought register in her head.

Her brow is clearing a little … then it wrinkles anxiously again. Or have anything delivered. Or have anything delivered to work. Come in and have a cup of coffee and look at the dresses. She has to have it. Do you need a new level of discretion? Customers can come to the personal-shopping department, select their new clothes, and then, in order to remain discreet, choose from a number of delivery options: Have a member of staff i. Well, she deserves it. As I set off for lunch with Bonnie I feel pretty chuffed with myself.

Like the MD or head of marketing or director of operations. Strictly speaking, I should have got a new initiative like this approved before I launched it to the public. Bonnie was sitting alone at a table, and as I watched, she surreptitiously helped herself to one of the left-over hazelnut chocolates left on the plates. Then another one. She went around the whole table, discreetly hoovering the hazelnut chocolates, and even folded the wrappers neatly and put them in her evening bag.

I never told anyone about it, even Luke — because something told me she would have been mortified to have been seen. Let alone teased about it. It looks so genuine! Very efficient, I can recommend them. That might not be a bad idea, actually. I mean, not that I need any help. But just to tie up any loose ends. The waiter arrives, and we both order salads, and he refreshes our water. Not in a Camilla Parker-Bowles kind of way. Definitely not. She spends more time with Luke than I do.

She knows all about huge areas of his life that he never bothers telling me about. She probably has all sorts of interesting insights on him. Discreet, bland, tells me nothing. Is she going to bat away every question like that? I suddenly feel an urge to get underneath her professional veneer. Maybe I could bribe her with a hazelnut chocolate. Like, I get annoyed when he answers the BlackBerry all the time in the middle of conversations. And so am I. But this is off the record.

We can be honest with each other. We know him better than anyone else. I swear. I think I might be getting through to her. You know why it is?

That makes sense. What did he get you for Christmas? Something really nice, I hope. He got me a lovely gift! I stare at it, speechless. Luke bought her this? And she probably feels she has to wear it to work every day, poor thing. Where did he get it anyway — totallyblandpresentsforyoursecretary. Things are becoming clearer to me. We need to coordinate, Bonnie and me. We need to work as a team. Go Bonnie! She was too discreet to mention who it was. We can help each other!

Think what we can achieve if we work in partnership! It can be our own private arrangement. And anything you want me to nudge Luke about, just let me know. Big or small. Please let me help.

OK, not trial.

Whatever it was called. Did you have anything specific in mind? So could you persuade him that a gym is a better choice? He listens to you all the time. You can influence him! Girl power. And anything else you want me to do or say to Luke, just text. Anything at all. The Becky and Bonnie team! Why on earth have I never used a concierge service before? We have to become members. You know. If you wanted one.

Harry explained the brief. With fire-eaters and jugglers and a marquee and a disco. It sounds fab. How much does it cost? And for you and your husband, it would come in at six.

Just for the annual fee? With the tents and the jugglers and everything. About how much would that cost? Two hundred and thirty thousand pounds? Are you still there? Obviously we can work with budgets a lot smaller than that! Thanks so much. For a party? I hastily try to stuff the folder away, but in my confusion drop it on the pavement. Personal-shopping details of a member of the Saudi Royal Family. Highly sensitive. Were you coming to see me? I should have said I was coming to see him.

Are you in some kind of … financial trouble? Have you been seeing someone? I try to make my face all rigid and stary, like middle-aged celebrities. And here. Like maybe the teeniest odd little line, which you can hardly see. Less is more. Where did you have it done? What do people have done? I was just … thinking about having one. However you look. Whatever shape you are. And the thought that you felt you had to go off secretly … it kills me.

In fact, he looks so upset, I feel suddenly terrible. Why did I have to make up something so stupid? A million good excuses are coming to mind now, none of which involve clinics or boob jobs.

One freckle. One little toe. I can feel tears rising. The pressures of society and everything. A lot of these socalled surgeons are irresponsible cowboys. Do you realize that? What exactly does it involve? Very safe. And it … er … expands. A size or two. I should have said an hour. Sometimes it only takes five minutes. But his face has kind of changed.

Something quite near suspicion. Of course. Luke keeps eyeing me over the top of his glass. Then, as though coming to a decision, he puts it down. Not financial. Could be interesting. What about the other one? Then he hesitates, glances at me and sips his wine. Then I stop. You should come this way more often.

Although maybe not to the plastic-surgery clinic. Is he going to push it, or not? One speaks five languages, one has sailed across the Atlantic and one has two degrees in history of art. We head to the street, and Luke pauses to kiss me. Thanks for trusting me, I want to message silently back into his head. I hold my breath and watch him walk away till he rounds the corner. Then I collapse on a nearby bench, pull out a compact mirror and start studying my face in detail.

OK, Luke knows nothing about anything. I turn to Minnie, feeling rather proud of myself. But as a special treat, you can download it for yourself out of your own pocket money. You see how great saving is?

Talk about responsible parenting. I could be a guru on TV myself! Where did she get that? The lovely pony, remember? This is so frustrating. How can she be so fickle? I look round to see the woman with toddler boys, standing a few yards away, staring at me with her pebble-like eyes. They were originally a pair, you see.

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It complements the other one perfectly. Oh God, we have to have them both. We have to. Rather annoyingly, the pebble-eyed woman is still standing there with her buggy, watching us. You can always tell that about people, I find. What business is it of hers?

God, I hate other mothers. They always have to butt in. All right? But then, I expect I looked a bit bewildered when I took out my first overdraft. It goes with the territory. You see, darling? Teaching your child the ways of the world. Only my credit card was up to my limit. But did I give up? I could get the boots! I was walking along the street one day, when I saw this mysterious sign. What are those little shoes of hers then, Gucci? Blood zings to my face and I stare at her in speechless shock.Did you have anything specific in mind?

But I have to be brave. So could you persuade him that a gym is a better choice? Welcome back! There was nothing he could do.