Meryl Runion and Speak Strong (SpeakStrong) provide Power Phrases Perfect Phrases for Managers and Supervisors, SpeakStrong, Perfect Phrases for. Finding the Key Words and Phrases for Your Position 9. Using the Job Description to Prepare Your Perfect Phrases Top Eight Word Mistakes Candidates. Perfect Phrases for Executive Presentations Also available from McGraw-Hill Perfect Phrases for Performance Reviews by Douglas Max and Robert Bacal.

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PERFECT PHRASES forLETTERS OF RECOMMENDATIONdHundreds of Ready -to-Use Phrases You Can Use to Recommend Applicants. DOWNLOAD PDF. Perfect phrases for ESL conversational - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. [email protected] ehab Aboueladab. Perfect Phrases for the TOEFL Speaking and Writing Sections This page intentionally left blank.

I can speak about her lasting impact on the villagers of Koromasilaya in great detail.

Our office has an open-door policy, so I am always more than willing to help individuals such as Justin gain exposure and advance their understanding of the profession. Justin was so enthusiastic about learning all he could from my practice that I have invited him to continue coming in and observing whenever he wants. Over the past 14 months, as Justin has shadowed me and my staff over more than 50 hours, I have come to know him both professionally and personally. We have had several lunches together and many personal conversations, and I now consider Justin a friend.

I first met her in , when I developed the rare nasal condition nasal polyposis NP , and Han—a fellow NP sufferer whom I met through my clinic—offered to help me research our condition and find the best specialists. Han served as a counselor to me, but I also witnessed her compassion and comfortable communication style as I accompanied her on information sessions to educate 37 The Preliminaries other sufferers.

As it was important for Han to formally extend her knowledge to the community, in she took the initiative to found INPA and publish the very first website on Nasal Polyposis inpa. In what has been an energizing volunteer commitment for both us, Han and I worked together to develop a business plan, strategize, recruit other board members, and build an organization that now boasts 3, members.

After graduation, we charted our career paths—Matt went to Wells Fargo, and I decided to start an online admissions consulting business, getin. After struggling through the initial start-up phase, I began to look for someone who would be interested in our nontraditional business model yet also bring specific skills in finance. Knowing that Matt was on the investment banking fast track, in I asked him if he would be on the lookout for someone to fill a V.

Aside from our multiple daily interactions at getin. Amanda Martinez, owner of the clinic, was so impressed by Janet that she hired her right out of Veterinary Technical School, before she had even taken her boards. Martinez saw outpatients. The majority of our days, and often our nights, were spent performing surgeries and caring for critically ill and injured animals. Janet prepared, assisted, and closed most of our surgeries, which ranged from spaying and neutering to tumor and bowel resections, ear hematomas, and laparotomies.

She also took radiographs and performed lab tests blood smears, cell counts, parasite analysis. I have seen the quality of her work and her care every day for the past three years. After first meeting through our neighborhood church, we started netwine. We lived and breathed Internet wine sales 12 hours a day, side by side. About six months after starting NetWine, the company had grown to a point where Frank and I decided to divide the responsibilities so we could increase our effectiveness by focusing more on our own strengths.

Based on my background in computer 39 The Preliminaries science, I managed our website development and programming team as technical director and also took care of our accounting and other administrative duties.

He single-handedly led key aspects of our operations, including sales and marketing and the management of our largest database development accounts, which required continuous interaction with clients. I remain CEO today. Aside from our professional relationship, I also consider Frank a close personal friend. I think Frank would agree that the only person who knows him better is his wife, Jean.

Just as the hard numbers of GPA and test scores help schools separate the accepted applicants from the dinged, so too a numerical rank and a well-defined comparison pool can help schools decide which of two promising applicants deserve the nod.

Even if you are not, providing a ranking is a good way to give your letter credibility. I have personally recommended to your university three individuals who are now playing professionally in the National Hockey League and many more who have gone on to substantial careers as doctors, lawyers, and business leaders. Even when compared with this exceptional cohort, Daniel is one of the finest young men I have ever had the pleasure of coaching. He is at least the equal in character and intelligence of Raymond Nazarene and Ron Lawrence, whom I successfully recommended to your program last year.

She easily ranks in the top 2 percent of that group. I am certain Angela would stand in the top quarter of any rigorous law program. It is a demanding program, and we take great pride in the preparation we give each of our future officers. The fact that Joshua not only earned admission to our program but ranked in the top 16 percent 14th out of 86 cadets of his cohort reflects the very high confidence I place in his abilities and his leadership potential.

In his four years at the academy, Joshua excelled in both the general academic curriculum—for example, in digital techniques and control systems—and in such military-oriented courses as naval tactics and leadership. He finished first academically among all students in his Naval Architecture major.

Juan Suarez ranks in the top 5 percent academically of my class of 73 students.

His 3. In his minor, philosophy, he has maintained a 3. Though he is a graduating senior, he has been accepted into the Arizona Maximizing Medical Education Potential summer program because he is the first person in his immediate family to attend college. During its gestation, Heng sought my counsel frequently, and I came to know her rather well.

As his transcript shows, in summer he participated in a program at Manitou High School that enabled him to take three courses at Thousand Lakes College, where he earned a 4. The following year, he maintained a 3. Finally, I believe he successfully offset his poor grades in English and history by retaking them last year earning Bs in both.

When you view his transcript in the light of his heavy football schedule, Sidney is academically equal to Luke Diebold, whom you admitted two years ago. I can confidently rank her among the top 10 percent of all 57 nondirector-level professionals in the department.

Among all Marines, I would definitely rank him in the top 1 percent. As a Training and Development Specialist for Fresh Enterprises since , I have trained more than 63 managers through the week Baja Fresh Management Training program 12 weeks were on-thejob training, which Andrew completed in Irvine, California, and the remaining 2 weeks were completed at the Corporate Training Facility in Cypress, California.

Andrew attended this program in June and exceeded all expectations. He was clearly at the top of his class of nine. During the equipment repair module, he was also able to demonstrate unique approaches to fixing equipment, which he had learned while working with older equipment at our store in Chula Vista.

Naturally, Andrew passed the final written examination with a high level of detail and demonstrated proficiency, earning a score of 92 percent, the highest in his class.

Perfect Phrases for Managers and Supervisors, Second Edition

He is a Senior Software Engineer Grade 10, a level that only proven, experienced, and highly accomplished engineers can attain in the corporation. It is also the same grade as junior managers, who typically manage between six and nine permanent employees.

Engineers above Grade 10 are typically pioneer researchers and scientists who have made lifetime contributions to high technol- 47 The Preliminaries ogy. Senior Software Engineers receive assignments from management only in the form of certain defined objectives and are then evaluated by their success in attaining these objectives by whatever methods they define.

This is an elite group of self-directed engineers, and Carl is clearly among its top 5 percent. As such, among 30 researchers I have evaluated since joining Jewison Oncology Research Center, Pamela is in the top 2 percent in all criteria. Moreover, although by seniority years worked she only ranks in the top 50 percent, she is already the fourth-most senior researcher in the Molecular Oncology group and has played a pivotal role in building the team to its current size.

She is a superbly talented scientist.

These graduates have a total of five to eight years of postgraduate experience—in other words, substantially more than Ryan. I am also benchmarking Ryan against my own experience, which includes 16 years of leadership experience at UT across engineering, marketing, sales, finance, and customer service functions, as well as an executive M.

However, they also understand that few of us were born with a full awareness of what it takes to succeed academically or professionally. They will forgive early academic or career weakness if the later trend was upward. Eric had a tough time adjusting to the academic demands at Wright High School. I have advised students at six schools in the Wilmington system, and, as a recently designated Achiever Magnet school, Wright is clearly the most academically demanding.

Eric struggled with a slightly above average GPA during his first year and started doubting his abilities. Receiving academic counseling from myself and two of my student staffers, he corrected his study habits and limited his involvement in sports.

Attending tutorials and help sessions, he averaged Bs during his sophomore year, and during his junior year took four especially challenging courses, including a physics class and an Advanced Placement economics courses.

In the following fall semester, Sandy enrolled in my more difficult chemistry lecture and lab. Despite working a hour-per-week job, Sandy received among the three highest grades I awarded that semester she also earned an A in the lab portion, which I did not teach.

I was amazed to learn from Sandy only recently that she suffers from attention deficit disorder.

Perfect Phrases for Letters of Recommendation (Perfect Phrases Series)

It is rare for anyone to escape our rigorous scouting and recruiting system, so I hesitate to let nonrecruited athletes practice with the team. Remember learning and practicing how to handle these multisyllable words greatly improves your reading. English words and meanings. Spoken English words list. Then if you forget them, consult the list. En suite - A bathroom attached directly to a bedroom.

Words beginning with h, o, or u may have either a consonant sound or a vowel sound. When combined with the fact that English is an unphonetic language and possesses other small peculiarities, it is a daunting challenge to learn and master. En route - On the way — said while travelling to a place En masse - Moving in a mass or group, all together.

Multiple-Meaning Words List fair fall fast felt figure file fine firm fit fleet float fly fool foot frog game glass gobble grade ground gum hail hand hang hard head hide hit hold ice initial iron jam jar joker jumper key kid kind land lap last lean leaves left letter lie light like line loaf log long mask match mean might mind mine miss mold List of 10, Words from the Brown Corpus The table below contains a list of 10, sample words extracted from the Brown corpus, sorted in descending order of SFI.

As said in the podcast, most of these French alternatives sound more sophisticated to native ears than the common word. This article provides a brief overview of the different types of conjunctions and their function in sentences. English has become the necessity of our daily life.

English, you will hear and see words with which you are not familiar. Cataclysm n : deluge. For example, the words smart and wise. Casuarina n : a kind of tree with joined leaves. Coordinating Conjunctions. Download: Verb forms in english with telugu meaning pdf There are hundreds of common idioms in the English language which we use every day. List of daily used English words.

This collection of English words is known as the vocabulary. Daily vocabulary words for adults. It seems as easy as pie to me! English Expression 2. A suffix is a letter or a group of letters that is usually added onto the end of words, to change the way a word fits into a sentence grammatically.

Top 50 French words; Most common French words: ; Most common French words: ; Most common French words: ; Most common French words: ; Most common French words: ; Most common French words: ; Most common French words: ; Most common French words: ; Most common French words: Legal English: Vocabulary for court trials and other legal proceedings ; Words for emotions: Different feelings that people have ; Parts of your body : External parts of the human body ; Noncount nouns: Nouns that cannot be counted or be plural They have a gigantic list of English words from many languages, including: African, Czech, Malay, Hawaiian, Persian, Tagalog, and many more.

The first make up about half of all written material, and the first make up about 65 percent of all written material.

Even the people who are not well educated, but they even use to speak different English words. The Hindu Vocabulary word list is a large compilation of English words with their meaning and event. Example: a histology class h-sound a one-way path w-sound Index of most common French words. This list of important words was drawn up by British rhetorician I.

Below, we have compiled a list of common English usage problems that can cause confusion in both writing and speaking. For example, scrib and scrip are two forms of the Latin root meaning "write.

These words will help to know the list of Foreign words which are embedded in english language. English language document review and editing specialists. Listed below are some of the most common slang terms used in America. We also list words that have nearly the same meanings. I will add a light pencil mark if you need help breaking a word apart. The following are lists of words in the English language that are known as "loanwords" or "borrowings," which are derived from other languages.

Ye Pdf apke bahut kaam aane wala hai kyuki Englih ke baare me aap sabhi ko pata hi hoga hai. English is also unique in its uses of articles. Can I go to the party to, too, two?

Some of these words include: der, des, dem, den -- the German definite article; masculine "the" form. Nouns are the building blocks of sentences. Prefix Meaning Key Word. This lesson is the big list of words from A to Z of and definitions to help you, when you don't know the meaning of the word.

Casual adj. Slang words list from A to Z England and around the world This lesson you will learn the meaning of some of the words from the England and around the world. Note that some words represent different forms of the same word and thus can be grouped into a single entry with a higher combined rank.

Can you suggest some self-study materials or training programs? Is there a lunch and learn program? Is there a list of [personnel, telephone extensions, contact numbers]? Does the company website list company rules? Is there flextime here? Who is the office administrator? How do I order business cards? Whom do I ask about IT problems? The copier is jammed—whom do I tell about this? Is there a [dress code, casual Friday policy]?

Where is the washroom?

Are there vending machines in the [pantry, break room, cafeteria]? Are there assigned parking spaces? Where is [a good place for lunch, the nearest gas station, a laundromat, a dry cleaners]? How long is the lunch break? Do you know where I can [make copies, schedule a conference room, find previous reports]?

Culture Hints: It is impossible to generalize about an entire country, especially one that is made up of many interacting cultures such as the United States. There are, however, a few characteristics that are generally associated with businesspeople in the United States. American business culture looks favorably upon individualism, initiative, and the competitive spirit. There is an emphasis on individual achievement rather than on collective group efforts.

In business, the pace is much faster in the Northeast and the Midwest than in the South and the Southwest. In the Northeast and the Midwest, as a matter of course, getting down to business is the rule.

There is a minimum of small talk until the main order of business is addressed. Time is money, A. On the other hand, other areas of the United States move at a much more relaxed pace. Lunch and learn training programs are shorter than full-day or half-day training programs and are presented during a lunch hour or two. Often coworkers present an aspect of their jobs to their fellow employees. By their nature these programs are casual.

A brown-bag lunch is a small one that you bring—or that the company provides—that can fit into a lunch bag. It usually consists of a sandwich, drink, and snack or dessert. Idioms and Other Vocabulary As a matter of course: routine, the usual Brown bag: a self-packed lunch, food brought from home Casual Friday: dressing casually on Fridays at work; also called dress-down Friday Change hats: change roles Collaboration: working together Dress code: rules about what to wear in a situation or to an event Fit in: to be accepted 7 The Global Workforce Flextime: a structure that allows employees to work a flexible schedule instead of everyone working a set time e.

Fostered: helped develop Gas: short for the gasoline that fuels vehicles and other machinery Get the ball rolling: start a process Hobbies: what you like to do in your leisure time, afterwork activity e. Underused: not used as much as could be or should be 9 Chapter 2 Observe, Observe, and Then Observe Some More You are employed in your position because you are talented in that field of endeavor. You may have come to work in the United States for a span of time because you are skilled at what you do and valuable enough to represent your country, your company, and yourself.

Your time in the United States will be more productive if you observe everything you see, listen to everything you hear, and ask questions whenever you need to have more information. What are you observing and how can it best help you? As Sherlock Holmes said to Dr. The distinction is clear. It will give you clues about the work environment. Look at the parking area, the lobby, the security arrangements, and the reception area, if there is one.

Are there private offices and cubicles, or just one large open space? The more you visually observe your employer, supervisor, manager, coworker, or subordinate, the better you will be able to understand that person.

In the United States, many people enjoy speaking about themselves. It is a good idea to have a small pad of paper and a pencil or pen with you at all times to jot down questions or information you want to check out later in private. A Blackberry, iPhone, or similar device is a convenient place for notes. You may be in a situation—working hands-on with someone—in which you cannot talk or interrupt on the spot.

Perhaps, something may occur to you after the fact and you will want to get back to it.

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If so, notes can help. Companies and management styles are unique, just like fingerprints. As there are different cultures in the world, there are different management styles throughout the United States and within specific companies. You will be absorbing a lot of information from many different sources.

Therefore, you undoubtedly will have questions or need additional information, especially after observing work-related demonstrations. May I watch you. Could you please show me how to. What is your preferred method?

Do you mind if I follow along with you? Could I try this while you are here so you can answer my questions? I never did this before, but I would like to be able to.

Is there a manual I may refer to in order to learn how this company does that procedure? Let me write that down so I can do it [on my own, later, after I practice it]. Please repeat that last part and do it more slowly. Could you please go over that again? I think I understand—let me repeat it back to you. Let me see if I have this correctly. Could you help me with this, please? Could you check this for me, please? Is this what you mean? Is this how you do this?

Is this [right, correct, how to do it]?

Perfect Phrases for Letters of Recommendation (Perfect Phrases Series)

Do you think my e-mail adequately addresses the issues? Thank you for your patience. I think I [understand, get it, follow] now. Thank you. I really appreciate it. Culture Hints: In the United States, especially in the Northeast and Midwest, learning as quickly as you are able to with the emphasis on you by note taking, independent study, or seizing on training opportunities is admired. Prepare yourself for the challenges of the job.

There are myriad courses available in and out of the workplace. You have only to open your eyes and ears—and do a little research—to find a course that would be helpful and enjoyable to you. There are intensive, immersion, citizenship, online, and classroom venues. Courses that concentrate on listening, speaking, reading, writing, pronunciation, making presentations, and job-seeking skills are easy to find.

Some offerings are free, and others are available at different costs. Americans are very involved in adult education and take courses that range from automobile maintenance and ballroom dancing to computer skills and psychology.

There is another advantage to newcomers to the United States. You can take these courses and meet others with similar interests while learning a new skill. Making new friends and acquaintances in a new country is not easy; joining these activities is one way to do that. Questions indicate your intention to do the right thing or help someone else to do it.

Therefore, straighten up, look the other person in the eye, and appear confident and entitled to fully understand and be fully understood whether you are asking or answering questions.Leaders who have the wit to perceive and the courage to act will be credited with a gift for prophecy that they do not necessarily have. Coordinating Conjunctions. It means you actually left them wanting more!

Of course hes nervous about his ability to com- municate in a language he has only studied in school. He just wanted them to get some personal praise from Mr. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details.