For those applicants, Practising SIDBI Assistant Manager Sample Question Papers, you. Get SIDBI Assistant Manager Previous Year Question Papers from here and crack exam easily. Also download SIDBI AM question papers PDF. Download the SIDBI Assistant Manager Previous year question papers for the SIDBI exam. Get also the latest syllabus and exam pattern for.

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Applicants appearing in SIDBI written exam for Assistant Manager (Grade-A) posts can Download SIDBI Previous Year Question Papers PDF. SIDBI Assistant Manager Previous Papers pdf download. SIDBI Previous Year Model Question Papers for Assistant Manager Gr B General. Here is the golden opportunity for the candidates who are preparing for SIDBI Assistant Manager Exam Individuals who want to start their.

You are required to bring this call letter along with photo affixed thereon and currently valid photo identity proof in original and photocopy of the photo identity proof. Please note that your name as appearing on the call letter provided by you during the process of registration should exactly match the name as appearing on the photo identity proof. If there is any mismatch between the name indicated in the Call Letter and Photo Identity Proof you will not be allowed to appear for the exam.

Please download the handout and study it carefully.

Candidates should put their Left Thumb Impression clearly and sign in the respective space provided on the callletter in the presence of the invigilator. Biometric data left thumb impression will be captured at the examination venue.

If fingers are moist, wipe each finger to dry them. You must bring a ball point pen with you. You are called for the on-line examination without verifying your personal details viz age, qualification etc.

Before appearing for the on-line examination, you must ensure that you fulfill the eligibility criteria stipulated by SIDBI in all respects.

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Candidates will have to appear for the online examination at their own cost. Your responses answers will be analysed with other candidates to detect patterns of similarity of right and wrong answers. You must report at the examination venue 30 minutes before the time as printed on this call-letter. The first is examination reforms. Rigid indifference to individual differences is the major flaw of the present system.

From the quality of questions to the manner of evaluation, it favours drilled preparedness and ignores independent thought while the unrealistically high cut-offs in coveted colleges are a further sign of systematic efficiency.

It is hardly surprising that the very thought of examinations makes the young depressed. Moreover, practices of splitting unified topics into arbitrary bits carrying small marks value encourage teachers to concentrate on scoring topics overlooking the importance of perspective and overall understanding.

Little surprise that many elite high-fee schools are opting for International Baccalaureate not because it offers status with its global certification but for its flexibility and respect for inividual differences in learning. The second area is teacher training, which suffers from obsolete notions.

Most teachers are trained mainly to cover the syllabus in a mechanical exam-oriented manner.

By insisting that every child moves at the same pace in all subjects teachers, encourage rote learning and ridicule for those who fall behind. Teacher training, whether for nursery or secondary school teachers, should be embedded in courses which have the capacity to develop both the teacher's personality and perspective on society by linking subject learning with reflective and creative project work.

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The ultimate responsibility lies with universities and institutes of high learning to ensure the quality of all teachers.

Initiatives to improve the content of teacher training courses will ensure utilisation of desolate university campuses during summer vacations which conceal an enormous waste of infrastructure and expertise.

The quality of education is a reflection of the quality of teachers and major improvement in their training and working conditions will motivate the young to pursue a teaching career and determine how India fares in the pursuit of economic and social development in the years to come.

According to the author, what is the major weakness of the present examination system? A Teachers do not take into account the nature of questions asked in the examination B Teachers are subjective in their assessment of papers C Cut-off standards for admissions to good institutions need to be raised D It distinguishes between a creative student and a rote learner E It does not consider unique learning patterns of students Ans : E Which of the following factors is responsible for children's dislike of learning?

Rigid, local, systematic organisation of syllabus. Teaching methodology which does not focus on text books. Examination pattern which rewards rote learning. Choose the word which is most nearly the Same in meaning to the word 'Coveted' given in bold as used in the passage.

SIDBI Assistant Manager Previous Papers and Solved Question Papers

E Valid Ans : D Which of the following is. NOT true in context of the passage?

A Examinations arouse negative emotions in students B Weak students are at a disadvantage if teachers force students to learn at same speed.

C Holding teacher training courses only during the academic year will help teachers cover the syllabus in an exam-oriented manner D The responsibility for improving the quality of teachers lies in the hands of universities E In the present educational system rote learning is encouraged Ans : C According to the author, which of the following conditions will influence India's future development?

SIDBI Assistant Manager Previous Papers | SIDBI Model Papers for Asst Manager

Replacing traditional educational systems with globally accepted foreign systems. Improving employment conditions of teaching staff.

Getting global accreditation for Indian college courses. Choose the word which is most Opposite in meaning to the word Desolate given in the bold as used in the passage.

What is the author's recommendation to universities?Now the real show began!! Subscribe Our Youtube Channel. The error, any, will be in one part of the sentence. Answer: 1 Question 4: One of the important humanitarian by-products of technology is the greater dignity and value that it imparts to human labour.

You wont have a paper to write. So, it all depends.