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Hi All, Following are some of the great resources for GMAT Verbal on gmatclub!. GMAT OG Verbal Review 2nd Edition - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read The Official Guide for GMAT Review 12th Edition Part Fri, 22 Jun GMT official guide for gmat pdf - In order to download the GMAT official guide (pdf) for free, the aspirants would.

Each one of the booklets is chock-full of information about the questions it covers: Each math question is indexed by difficulty level. You can focus on, for instance, extremely difficult questions. Each question is indexed by content areas. You can now spend an entire practice session doing inequality questions, or word problems involving geometry.

I recommend focusing on the 12th edition, but if you still have the 11th edition, I've included all of the explanations to the quantitative questions in the 11th edition "The Orange Book" as well.

Most of all, you get cutting-edge strategies to help you answer every single type of math question the GMAT throws at you. This is valuable stuff: it's what I spend most of my time doing when I meet with my private clients.

The following pages describe what critical ,: Read very carefully the set of statements on which a question is based. Idllltlty the conclusion. The conclu ion does not necessarily come at the end of the text; it may come somewhere in the middle or even at the beginning. Be alert to clue in the text that an argument follows logically from another statement or statements in the text.

An argument ObvlOU ftaw I and onc question may ask you to detect them. But another question u lD elect th onc answer choice that does NOT describe a flaw in the argument. Whether the proposed system has been tried out In various areas of the country or In a Single area only D What uses are foreseen for the Viewership data E Whether the average dose that the proponent deSCribes IS a short-term dose or a lifetime cumulative dose The majority of travelers departmg from rural airports are flymg to destinations IP cities over miles away D Many new airports are bemg built In areas that are presently served by high-speed groundtransportation systems.

C unIiIle child-reslstant lighters. Since the mayor' pull,""II. A High Immune-system activity protects against mental illness better than normal Immunesystem activity does.

B Mental illness IS similar to physical disease in Its effects on body systems. C People with high Immune-system activity cannol develop mental illness. Extinction 15 a process that can depend on a variety of ecological, geographical, and physiological vanables. These variables affect different species of organisms In different ways, and should, therefore, yield a random pattern of extinctions.

However, the fossil record shows that extinction OCcurs In a surprisingly definite pattern, with many species vanishing at the same time.

Which of the following, If true, forms the best baSIS for at least a partial explanation of the patterned extinctions revealed by the fossil record? A Major episodes of extinction can result from widespread environmental disturbances that affect numerous different species. B Certain extinction episodes selectively affect orllanlsms With particular sets of charactenstlcs unrQue to their species.

The flesh of SPK differs from that of the currently cultivated sweet potatoes In color and texture, 50 traditional foods would look somewhat different when prepared from SPK I1IaI ddli: North Sea IS l1!

IIel5illlti ae: OllIlIl1ries with large Mbonal budget deficits tInd "striet foreign trade. Reliable compansons of the deficit figures of one eauntry with those of another are Impossible.

RedUCing a country's national budget deficit will not necessanly resun In a lowering of any trade deficit that country may have. Nevertheless, there IS no reason conclulle that the cave paintings are therefore InIccurete nthl regard, since The sustalne d massive use of pesticides In farming ff t hastwoe ec s that are especially perniCIOUS.

First ' rt often kills aff th e pests' natural enemies. In the area. In an attempt to promote the Widespread use of paper rather than plastic, and thus reduce nonbiodegradable waste, the council of a small town plans to ban the sale of disposable plastic goods for which substitutes made of paper exist.

The council argues that since most paper is entirely biodegradable, paper goods are environmentally preferable.

The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review

Which of the following, If true, indicates that the plan to ban the sale of disposable plastic goods IS ill SUited to the town council's environmental goals? A Although biodegradable plastiC goods are now available, members of the town council believe biodegradable paper goods to be safer for the environment. B The paper factory at which most of the townspeople are employed plans to increase production of biodegradable paper goods.

C After other towns enacted Similar bans on the sale of plastiC goods, the environmental benefits were not discernible lor several years. E PrOducts other than those derived from wood pulp are often used In the manufacture of paper goods that are enhrely biodegradable.

Since the deregulation of airlines, delay at the nation's Increasingly busy arrports have Increased by 25 percent. To combat thiS problem, more of the takeoff and landing slots at the bUSiest arrparts must be allocated to commerCial airlines.

Which of the follOWing, If true, casts the most doubt on the effectiveness of the solution proposed above A The major causes of delays at the nation's bUSiest airports are bad weather and overtaxed air traffic control equipment. B Since airline deregulation began, the number of airplanes In operahon has increased by 25 percent. C Over 60 percent of the takeoff and landing slots at the nation's busiest airports are reserved lor commercial airlines.

W orOl: With the prerogabve 0 Since deregulation the average length of delay at the nation's busiest airports has doubled. The number of mem appomted reVl1!

The wholesale price of raw wool IS typically igtJer than that of the same volume of raw cotton The operallng costs of the average retail cIoIh,ng store have remllned constant dUring the lasl year. OJ Changes mretlll prices always lag behmd hanges ,n wholesale prices. Start-up co mpames financed by venture capitalists have amuch lower flliure rate than companies financed by other means.

Source of finanCing, therefore, must be a more Important causative factor In the success of a start-up company than are SUch factors as the personal characteristics of the entrepreneur, the quality of strategic planning, or the management structure of the company. Which of the following, If true, most seriously weakens the argument above? Even the most adept fortflfS.

The strategic planning of a start-up company IS a less Important factor In the long-term success of the company than are the personal characteristics of the entrepreneur.

Many people With str k I. One proposed explanation for such recoveries IS that the nght side of the brain, which IS not usually the major language center develops ItS latent language capabilities to ' compensate for the damage to the left side.

Which of the followmg, If true, most strongly supports the explanation? A B More than half of all new companies fail Within five years. The management structures of start-up companies are generally less formal than the management structures of ongoing bUSinesses. Venture capitalists base their deCisions to fund start-up companies on such factors as the charactenstics of the entrepreneur and quality of strategic planning of the company.

Ie Among people With stroke-related aphaSia, recovering lost capacity to use language does not lead to any Impairment of those capacities normally controlled by the right half of the bratn. D D A stroke that damages the left half of the brlln often causes physical Impairments of the nght Side of the body that lessen over time.

Automobile Dealer's Advertisement: This shows that the PZ IS one of the safest cars available today. Which of the follOWing, If true, most seriously weakens the editorial's argument' In recent years many more PZ s have been sold than have any other kind of car In ItS class. A Cars In the class to which the PZ belongs are more likely to be Involved in accidents than are other types of cars.

IC The fire department gets less information from an alarm box than it does from a telephone call D The City'S fire department is located much closer to the residential areas than to the commercial distriCt. Either food scarcity or excessive hunting can threaten a population of animals.

If the group faces food scarcity, individuals In the group will reach reproductive maturity later than otherwise. If the group faces excessive hunting, IndiViduals that reach reproductive maturity earlier will come to predominate. Therefore, It should be Possible to determine whether prehistoric mastodons became extinct because of food scarcity or human hunting, Since there are fossilized mastodon remains from both before and after mastodon populations dechned, and.

B EditOrial: The mayor plans to deactivate the Dnlrc.. The mayor claims that the alarm boxes are no longer necessary, Since most P80IlIe now have access to either pubhc or Private telephones. But the CIty'S commerclli d'stnet, Where there IS the greatest risk of fire, has few residents and few pubhc telephones, so some alarm boxes are s necessary.

Which of the following most logically completes the reasoning? E over the past Malntarmng the fire alarm boxes costs the city more than five million dollars annually B CommerCial bUildings have automatic fire alarm systems that are hnked directly 10 the fire deparlment. E QUalIfied l! If the airspace around centrally located airports were Rena, Ince parnters oar ba e layer onto finellralned layer OutlYing airfields would be as convenient as centrally located airports for most pilots of private planes.

Since the dam reduced the annua range of water temperature In the nver below the dam from 50 degrees to 6 degrees, SCientists have hypothesized that sharply riSing water temperatures must be Involved In signaling the native species a begin the reproductive cycle.

Which of the following statements, If true. Most private planes that use centrally located airports are not equipped With radar. A reduction in the risk of midair collision would eventually lead to Increases In commercial airline traffic. W asthma attacks. Before the dam was built, the Emerald River annually overflowed ItS banks, creating backwaters that were critical breeding areas for the native species of fish. C Nonnative species of fish, introduced rnto the Emerald River after the dam was bUilt, have begun competing with the decllnrng native fish species for food and space.

Five of the fish species nabve to the Emerald River are not native to any other river ,n North America. The more warned Investors are about lOSing their money, the more they will demand a high potential return on their Investment; great risks must be offsel by the chance of great rewards.

Whellon of the fruit sold each: A B Projected increases in the price of gasoline will Increase the cost of taking a private vehicle Into the city. The cost of parking fees already makes It conSiderably more expensive for most people to take a private vehicle Into the city than to take a bus.

The answer to wh be most u eful In A Has anybody el disclosure require election reported Bergeron? B Is submittilll fulfill the ele tiD disclosure reqw O,d the mfo lournalist comml55 C Most of the people currently riding the bus do not own private vehicles. C E During the average workday, private vehicles owned and operated by people living Within the city account for 20 percent of the city's traffic congestion.

The umon leaders are consldenng as their pnncipal new tactic a consumer boycott against Gasca gas stations, which are owned by Energy Incorporated, the same corporation that owns Coalco. A Would revenue losses by Gasca seriously affect Energy Incorporated? Laws reqUlnng the use of headlights dunng daylight hours can prevent automobile colliSions. In fact, the only countnes that actually have such laws are farther from the equator than IS the continental Umted States.

Which of the follOWing conclusions could be most properly drawn from the Information given above? A 8 Have other miners' unions won contracts similar to the one proposed by this umon? Have other unions that have employed a similar tactic achieved their goals with it? Drivers In the continental Umted States who used their headlights dunng the day would be Just as likely to become involved In a collision as would dnvers who did not use therr headlights. In many countnes that are farther from the equator than is the continental Umted States, poor daylight visibility is the single most Important factor in automobile collisions.

C The proportion of automobile collisions that occur in the daytime is greater In the continental United States than in the countries that have daytime headlight laws.

D Fewer automobile colliSions probably occur each year In countnes that have daytime headlight laws than occur Within the continental Umted States.

E Daytime headlight laws would probably do less to prevent automobile colliSions In the continental United States than they do In the countnes that have the laws. Do other corporations that own coal companies also own gas stations?

Potentia deposito;sare,. A study of mantal relationships In which one partner's Thus, mismatched sleeping and waking cycles can senously jeopardize a marnage. E According to a recent stUdy, most people's sleeping and waking cycles can be controlled and modified easily. The sleeping and waking cycles of indiViduals tend to vary from season to season. If apoor corn harvest IS predicted, pnces of corn futures rise; If a bountiful corn harvest IS predlCled, pnces of corn futures fall.

Therefore, since adequate moisture IS essential for the current crop's survival, prices of corn futures Will fall sharply today. I Which of the follOWing, If true, most weakens the argument above? B C 0 I of replacement parts make lir! Agriculture experts announced today that a disease that has devastated some of the corn crop will spread widely before the end of the growing season. Most people who trade In corn futures rarely take physical possession of the corn they trade.

Acompany plans to develop a prototype weeding machine that uses culling blades WIth oPtical senSOr and microprocessors that dlslingUish weeds from crop plants by differences In shade of color. The 'nventor of the machine claims that It Will reduce labor costs by VIrtually eliminating the need for manual weeding.

A There IS a considerable degree of vanallon In shade of color between weeds of different species. B B The shade of color of some plants tends to change appreciably over the course of their growing season.

IC C When crops are weeded manually, overall size and leaf shape are taken Into account In distinguishing crop plants from weeds. E farm laborers who are responsible for the manual weeding of crops carry out other agncultural duties at times In the growing season when extensive weeding IS not necessary.

DJ E Useful prate n drugs To support a conclusion that much of the variation IS due to unnecessary surgical procedures, It would be most Important to establish which of the followmg?

The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review 2018 (2017, Paperback)

A exammes the records of every operation to determine whether the surgical procedure was necessary. III wIwI pota lum chlOride IS 0 ' A local board of review at each hospital E The variation is unrelated to factors lather than the surgical procedures themselves that influence the incidence of diseases for which surgery might be considered.

There are several categories of surgical procedure other than hysterectomies, prostatectomies, and tonsillectomies that are often performed unnecessarily. For certain surgical procedures, It IS difficult to determine after the operation whether the procedures were necessary or whether alternative treatment would have succeeded.

With respect to how often they are performed unnecessarily, hysterectomies, prostatectomies, and tonSillectomies are representative of surgical procedures in general. H grain and meat. Therefore, snce per capita income conlinues to rise, whereas domeSlJc gram production will not Increase, Gortland WI I soon have to Import either gram or meat or both.

Which of the followmg is an assumplion on which the argument depends? IAl B The total acreage devoted to grain production 10 Gartland will not decrease substantially. The population of Gartland has remained relatively constant dUring the country's years of growmg prosperity. C E People in Gortland who increase their consumption of meat will not radically decrease their consumption of gram. The number of teenage children who have begun to smoke this year is greater than the number of adults who have qUit smoking dUring the same penod.

Dunng this year, the number of nonsmokers who have begun to use chewing tobacco or snuff IS greater than the number of people who have qurt smoking. Which of the follOWing, II true. B There are mice that are unable to foom antibodies In response to herpes Infecnons, and these mice contract herpes at roughly the same rate as other mice. C The people who have continued to smoke consume more tobacco per person than they did In the past.

Mice that are Infected With a herpeSVirus but do not develop keratitis produce as many antibodies as infected mice that do develop keratitis. More of the cigarettes made In the United States this year were exported to other countnes than was the case last year.

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Amilepost on the towpath read "21" on the Side facmg the hiker as she approached It and "23" on ItS back. She reasoned that the next milepost forward on the path would indicate that she was halfway between one end of the path and the other. However, the milepost one mile further on read "20" faCing her and "24" behind.

AI B e 0 The numbers on the next milepost had been reversed. The numbers on the mileposts indicate kilometers, not miles. The faCing numbers Indicate miles to the end of th p th, not miles tram the begll1mng. Amilepost wa ml Ing between the two the hlk r ncount red. IWe5 for governmental support of farm -- work. Which of the following most logically completes the argument?

Utranra was formerly a major petroleum exporter, but In recent decades economic stagnation and restncbve regulations inhibited Investment In new fields.

In consequence, Utranian exports dropped steadily as old fields became depleted. However, It would be premature to conclude that the rapid development of new fields will result In higher oil exports, because A the pnce of oil is expected to remain relatively stable over the next several years B the Improvement in the economic Situation In Utranra IS expected to result in a dramatic increase in the proportion of UtraOians who own automobiles C most of the investment in new oil fields In Utrania is expected to come from foreign sources tion of fertrlizers and pestiCides.

D new technology IS available to recover all from old oil fields formerly regarded as depleted mmentel pnce Supports for farm products II levels that are not high enough to fermer to iet out of debt. E many of the new oil fields In Utrania are likely to be as productive as those that were developed dunng the period when Utrania was a major oil exporter Hardin argued that grazing land held In common Ithat IS, open to any user would always be used less carefully than pnvate grazing land.

Each rancher would be tempted to overuse common land because the benefits would accrue to the Individual, while the costs of reduced land quality that results from overuse would be spread among all users. But a stUdy companng million acres of common grazing land With million acres of pnvate grazing land showed that the common land was in better conditIOn.

The answer to which of the follOWing questIOns would be most useful In evaluating the significance, in relabon to Hardin's claim, of the study descnbed above7 -- New f. A B Did the ranchers whose land was studied tend to prefer using common land over uSing pnvate land for grazing?

C Was the private land that was studied of comparable quality to the common land before either was used for grazing?

D Were the users of the common land that was studied at least as prosperous as the users of the pnvate land? Did any of the ranchers whose land was studied use both common and pnvate land? Bollworms breed on corn, and last year more corn than usual was planted throughout cotton. Because postage rates are rrslng, Home De orator magazine plans to maXimize ItS profits by redu mg by one-half the number of ISsues It PUblishes each year The quality of articles, the number of articles published per year, and the subSCriPtion perce 1' not change.

Market research shows that neither subscrrbers nor advertisers 1' be lost If the magazine's plan IS Instituted. Which of the follOWing, If true, proVides the strongest eVidence that the magazine's profits are likely to decline If the plan IS instituted IA B With the new postage rates, a typical Issue under the proposed plan would cost about onethird more to mall than a typical current Issue would.

The maJorrty of the magazine's subscerbers are less concerned about a possible reductron In the quantity of the magazine's articles than about a pOSSible loss of the current high quality of ItS articles. C Many of the magazine's long-time subSCrIbers would continue their subscriptions even If the subscription prrce were increased. D Most of the advertisers that download advertlsrng space In the magazine will continue to spend the same amount on advertising per issue as they have In the past.

IE Production costs for the magazine are expected to remarn stable. IE The majority SO pmcIucliVl! Consequently, the strategy to maXimize overall profit from a new product IS to charge less th" the greatest possible price.

In the argument above, the two portions In boldface play which of the following roles? The first is a consideration raised to supportthe strategy that the argument recommends; the second presents that strategy. The first is an assumption, rejected by the argument, that has been used to justify acourse of action; the second presents that course of action. Almost all paYing patients now rely on governmental or Private health insurance to pay hospital bills.

Recently, InSurers h been strictly limiting what they pay hospitals for th: A B C The first is a consideration raised to help explain the popularity of a certain strategy; the second presents that strategy. United States hospitals have traditionally refied 0 E Although the advance of technology has made expensive medical procedures available to the wealthy, such procedures are out of the reach of lOW-Income patients.

If hospitals do not find ways of raiSIOg additional income for unreimbursed care, they must either deny some of that care or suffer losses if they give It. Some patients have incomes too high for eligibility for governmental health insurance but are unable to afford private insurance for hospital care. If the hospitals reduce their costs in proViding care, Insurance companies will maintain the current level of reimbursement, thereby prOViding more funds for unrelmbursed care.

Even though philanthropIC donations have traditionally provided some support for the hospitals, such donations are at present declining. The exlllanation offenJd '.. So it stands to reason that throughout Delmont's tenure the average paycheck in thiS city has been getting steadily bigger. Which of the follOWing, if true, most seriously weakens the argument in the advertisement? A B e 0 E The unemployment rate in the city is higher today than it was when Mayor Delmont took office.

The average pay for jobs in the city was at a ten-year low when Mayor Delmont took office.

Each year during Mayor Delmont's tenure, the average pay for jobs that were eliminated has been higher than the average pay for jobs citywide. Most of the jobs eliminated during Mayor Delmont's tenure were in declining industries. The average pay for jobs in the city is currently lower than It IS for Jobs in the suburbs surrounding the city. The booth offers Information introducing the company'S new products and services. To achieve the desired reSiJlt. Vita corp's marketing department Will attempt to attract more people to the booth.

The markelrng director's first measure was to Instruct each salesperson to call his or her five best customers personally Invite them to Visit the booth. A B C Vitacorp's salespeople routinely inform each important customer about new products and services as soon as the decision to launch th!!

Many distributors qualified for Even With much merchandise discount Increased enough to produce ahealttly profits. The manufacturer plans to repeat by offering the same sort of discount for quarter. C The distributors most likely to qualify for manufacturer's special discount are whose orders were unusually low a 0 The distributors who qualified for manufacturer's special discount WIIrtfJ The distributors' ordenng summer quarter left them fall quarter. A 25 26 B 0 A The following discussion is intended to fam I Manufacturers are now required to make all cigarette lighters chl1 AI the addition of the safety levers has made lighters more exlK!

ImY a: Ther must. The transportation plan will work only if people are! Jkely to. Jor cItIes. A B D This speaks to whether the data ramcd from thc: COubactual pnce Will be greatly attected by the cost 01 materials used for the products. E Surveys show that longtime bus tlders are no more satisflll'ied! UIIIInt Evaluation MJllfary contractors add a percentage increa e, based on the rate ofinflation, to prices peellied in previous contracts for standard weapons.

If the anginal COntra t price accommodated the contractor' inefficiencies, the government's overpayments for these inefficiencies arc simply perpetuated, and money continues to be wa ted.

Additionally, historical costing assume cost only go up, never down. A An increa e in fare might be a reo inerea e. B The mayor' deci ion to ride the bus strengthen rather than we-alt n uppon C orrecr. D If more bu: Rulin out tbi scenarJO P. E 1h nab] 1he: IV ves IS usua a d be unpredictably absent. People With , high immune-system actlVI"t" cannot develop mental Mental Illness does not cause pea pes I ' Immune-system activity to"""0: The researcher asl4mJ activity.

If mental illness caused a decline I then lower levels of immune- ystem activity would be expeelllCl higher levels would merely indicate the absence of illness rather illness.


Evaluation of a Plan Situation At the end of the workweek Patrick is paid a certain amount for each hour of child care he has prOVided. Patrick usually receives adequate weekly income under this arrangement, but in the winter Patrick's income fluctuates, because children are unpredictably absent due to illness.

Patrick must find away to ensure that his weekly income is both adequate-that is, not reduced significantly from current levels-and uniform-that is, not subject to seasonal or other fluctuations. A successful plan would thus most likely be one that doe not increase Patrick's costs. Further, the plan need not increase Patrick's weekly income; it must merely ensure that that income is more reliable. It should therefore also provide some way to mitigate the unexpected loss of income from children's absences.

But this plan would have no effect on the problem that uny The researcher's inference is not related to the effects of mental illn Immune-system activity could protect mental health without offenng illness; this assumption is not needed.

Since different treatment are not di cu ed. SpecItS that are WIdely dispersed are the least likely to become extinct. In parts of South Amenca Vitamin Ad E "rgument Construction Sftllllltloin The fossil record reveals that species become extinct in a surprisingly definite pattern, with multiple species vanishing simultaneously.

The passage states that the process ofextinction depends on so many variables-in the ecology and geography of the environment and in the physiology of the species-that the expected outcome would be a random pattern of extinctions. Yet a definite pattern is found instead. What could explain the disappearance of multiple species at the same time? If there were significant widespread changes in the environment, multiple species could be affected simultaneously, causing their extinction.

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There are other vegetables currently grown In the region that contain more betacar currently cultivated vanetles of sweet potato do. Evaluation of a Plan Situation Agriculturists believe that if farmers in a particular South Amen an region new beta-carotene-rich variety of sweet potato, PK, the vltamm dellicimc: What, that is, would make farmers respond ponm,. Thi tatement properly identifies a basis for explaining the pattern of many species becommg extinct simultaneously. A explanation addresses only some species, not many species.

Ii ' ICh pe. B C D E Correct.

This statement properly identifies a factor that would upport a plrecllicfioD success. If dishes made with SPK look different than tr. Iditional weet potato elisha people might be less likely to eat tho e dishe '; in uch a situation, the 1IUI"'! This information d plant SPK will hdp to meet The correct answer i I CllrllJolson the quality of effluents, weer der to avoid excessively restrictive contro s, Shelby Industries manufactures and sells the same gauges a Jane 40 percent.

B Lowering wages would reduce the quality of employee work and thiS redu e lowered sales. To prevent pollutants from entering the North Sea, countries decide to control the quality of effluents. They need to control only those effluents that cause environmental damage. There is no need to re tnct harmless effluents. Evaluation of a Plan Situation Reasoning Ie blU1lledtaey ofadopting controls does not prevent the controls from being overly restrictive.

IU ,to It is necessary to prove A lI! JFiI revenlbl Will do nothing to prevent unnecessary restrictions. Ildlillqjest IrlIde deficitS In fact. IIl 11i The last members 01 a now-extinct SlleCles 16, years ago. Prehlstonc cave of a Eutira'tIllll CaunIrIe with the largest trade defiCits never have similarly large national budget defiCits. What Inference an be drawn from this inftrmation? Since the passage states that national budget deficits do not correlate with trade deficits, it is logical to anticipate an mferen e about the independent nature of the relationship between the two kinds of deli il.

One po.. Reasoning IVhat point would ml jt logi would we orne supporr if rhere were information indicating that there was a correlation 1IIItWlleIIIarge budget d liuts ami small trade deficits, but no such information is given. Ie thaI reliable wmparisons have been developed.

Illiellded by doing which of the fa oWing, a In an attempt to promote the WIdespread use 01 waste, the council of a small town plans 0 ban of paper eXls!. It can be inferred that the OlIFmg u of a particular pesticide will not continue to be effective against the future aeration of pe t with an inherent resistance to that pesticide. What would be v gam tthese tuture Kener,ltions?

If farmers periodically change the particular pelticide they u e, then pc Is resist. Situation nOlhlll Reasoning JVha! SlIlce pestil-ides wuuld hc! Ill of. In addItion, the pe ts that survive the application of the pesticide may become reaiiJtant to It, and these pesticide-resistant pests will continue breeding.

If true, IIldlCa es tha the. B That the f. Could the delays be u ed by other fa, lor, Ihat till' solutIOn fails to address? If the major causes for de'lays r r ltd 10 we. The pand itsIihDilIlr lie Furrher. If,' hu ier. Since Ihere is no information rt ne are pm ,lie or Ierll. II, tillS t. It'this I th then ,1Il1l1unt of mon l. I ci i,'lI. I p "" akin! I f any of the costs of transforming the raw nto pro d prodm I inne,I", thc'll the retad prices of cotton clothing will nClOeI'I.

Reasoning Wh. If that I and raw oltoll. Thl tat m nt vropcrly iIllenitifil: More tIIan half of all new compames fail within five years.

AphaSia, an Impairment of the callaClty to brain. Many people With stroke-relatecl": Which of the follOWing. If true, most strongly 5UIlPorts A C 6 e 0 E Argument EVlluation When venture capitalists fund start-up companies, the failure rate is much lower than when the companies arc funded by other means.

The success of start-up companies, then, may be attributed more to their source offunding than to any other factor. Ablow to the head Injuring the left half of the brill can language IndlstlOgUishable from ha produced by a strolce. Among people with stroke-related aphaSIa rl! IIIlI"'''''body that lessen over time. The argument concludes that the source of funding the Ingle most important f. But what if the source of that funding, venture capitalists, considers other factors hefor makinl its investment?

If this is the case then the most important causative f,lltor in thc success of the company canna; be said to be the our of the funding. I of v nlure l.

This statement properh iden - B That a blow ro the head: Situation Spinach grown hydroponically in a controlled ellVllOmD: That i , what feature of the hydropo spinach unable to match? What point weakem the argufIlmf? The reason given for removing the trees is to make more water available for crops. What if the trees actually conserve water rather than unply consume it?

Jf the trees protect the river from sun and wind, their presence can greatly reduce the amount of fiver water lost to evaporation. Thus, the farmers would loa wat r, not gain It, by cutting down the trees. Argument Evaluation Water is scarce and precious in the land along the Colorado River, and the amount allocated for irrigating farmland is strictly controlled.

Farmers would have more water available for crop irrigation if the riverside trees, which also use the water, were removed. A sary tor the farmers to agree to remove them.

Millo typ I f h h es a ong t e flver tend to remove more water from IC 0 trees, w IC strenl thens rather than weakens the argument. I an advantage sh The ease ot. Id th n have any other kind of car in ItS class.

Examine closely the difference between the report and the conclusion the advertisement draws from It. What if the class of cars to which the PZ belongs is a more dangerous class of cars? In that case, while the PZ may the safest car of a dangerous class, it cannot be said to be one of the safest cars available.

Which 01 the lollowlng most IOlPcaIIy Situation Reasoning e higher Incidence ofinjuries per accident in other classes of cars supports rather than weakens tatement properly identifies a weaknes in the advertisement's argument.

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Q: My class doesn't start for a few weeks; what can I be doing to prepare? A: We recommend that you complete a full practice exam before the first class session, in order to receive a baseline score that can be used to gauge your progress during the course — if you haven't taken one recently, this is a great way to dive into the material before your class starts.

It also can't hurt to take a moment to explore the other resources in your Student Center, and browse through all of the books that you received as part of the course. Is there a topic that you're particularly anxious about? Crack open that Strategy Guide and read a chapter or do a problem or two — even something as small as this can help you feel more prepared for class.

Q: How much homework should I expect each week? A: You should plan on spending a minimum of hours on homework outside of class each week. Different students work through the assignments at different speeds, however, so once you're a week or two into your program, you'll have a better sense of how much time you personally need to complete your weekly assignments.

We recommend studying for a few hours every day, rather than cramming all of your assignments into a day or two — spreading out your studying will help you better retain what you've covered. You will also want to plan on a couple of extra hours during the weeks when you want to take a practice exam. Q: Are there any differences between the in-person and online course? A: The content covered and the excellent quality of instruction are exactly the same in our in-person and online courses.

We even find that many students prefer the flexibility of the online platform — they are able to log into class from any location, as long as they have internet access. This eliminates commute time, and is ideal for students who have hectic travel or work schedules. A: Our online platform — Zoom — is designed to replicate a true classroom experience. The software features: VoIP connections, which allow students and instructors to communicate verbally.

A Chat Box window where you can ask questions on the fly during your class session. Messages can be sent to the room or privately to instructors, who will get back to you during class. An Interactive Whiteboard that allows our instructors to showcase sample problems and edit them in real time.Useful protein drugs, such a In ulln The statements above most strongly which of the following would be be fisuPPDrt a cla'm that aresearch pro.

Most of all, you get cutting-edge strategies to help you answer every single type of math question the GMAT throws at you. Mice that are Infected With a herpeSVirus but do not develop keratitis produce as many antibodies as infected mice that do develop keratitis. Which 01 the lollowlng most IOlPcaIIy Situation Reasoning e higher Incidence ofinjuries per accident in other classes of cars supports rather than weakens tatement properly identifies a weaknes in the advertisement's argument.

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