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Looking to organize your photos? Then this eBook will help you get your digital life organized! It's designed for three kinds of organization and workflow. A New eBook - First offered to Newsletter Subscribers! To see more, visit the new Stuck In Customs eBooks page on the site! For newsletter . RT @johnpoz: My New Custom Wall Art From Trey Ratcliff of *Thx John!. Read "A World in HDR" by Trey Ratcliff available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. High dynamic range (HDR) photography .

Some photos are less than average. Some have potential. Some are really, really, awesome and they bring incalculable pleasure into my life. I make sure that I have my photos secure locally and in the cloud.

For example, I recommend Google as a backup solution, but if you have 7 8.

For the purposes of this book, "The Cloud" basically refers to using the Internet to back up and store your photos. You can see below several reasons that I use another service called SmugMug. The method is what matters -- the website services are mostly interchangeable. Personally, I use two cloud services: SmugMug and Google. I use them for different purposes, but I like the extra peace of mind knowing that I have two cloud backups working in concert.

Is it safe? I think so. And no, Google does NOT pay me to say these things. Why do I trust the cloud? Well, having trust in web services nowadays is kind of like having trust in real people. Imagine going through life and never trusting anyone - it would be a hellish life!

Once you choose to make the Internet part of your life, you might as well choose a few partners in which to place your trust. They make money from selling Adwords, so the idea that they may steal my photos to make money is absurd. I know there are many paranoid people out there, but this is largely unfounded. I put many of my most important photos in private directories on Google Drive so that only I can see them. For some of the family albums, I have it set up so the family can see them too.

In the big picture, it is important to have your photos out on the Internet somewhere in case of a disaster. These include, but are not limited to: If you also have copies of your most precious photos in the cloud, you can always get them back later! Here are some photos of my children when they were younger.

I can sleep peacefully knowing that no matter what happens, they are safely backed up in multiple locations at home and in the clou 8 9. I appreciate that most people do not consider photography to be one of the major forces in their life, but I certainly recognize the need most have in organizing their photos.

Each month, everyone takes more and more photos. I think a system is very important. You can simply begin at Level 1 Relaxed. I hope this brings a great happiness and peace to your life. Once you have that squared away, it moves smoothly into Level 2 Moderate. This is a Very Organized digital life.

Oh yes. You will be way above average. This is the level for you if you and your partner are both taking photos, because this adds a bit of complexity. You are at peace with this quirk of your personality that other people find strange and off-putting.

Thank you. I will. Each person probably already has different syncing habits too.

As soon as I am in range of power or wifi, my cameras and phones are getting charged up and everything is right in the world again. So it is what it is. And so I have to be the reed that bends and have a workflow that fits the whole family. But everything is applicable to videos as well. Here is a close up of my Lightroom Catalog. I recommend it! The bulk of this tutorial will focus on Adobe Lightroom. Pretty much everything in Lightroom can be done in Aperture as well.

You understand that and it is safe for you. Lightroom goes way beyond that. You want to organize your photos by their importance in your life and their quality.

Thus, you need Lightroom. Why I use Lightroom: I prefer Lightroom instead of Aperture because there appear to be more updates on a regular basis. One time Apple went well over a year without an update, and that scared a lot of users. I use other Adobe products, and I think there is a good integration between them. I expect this integration to get stronger as the years march on. Lightroom is not only good for organizing photos, but it is also good for processing photos.

By the way, I have some Lightroom Presets that are extremely popular for processing photos that you may enjoy. This is a tricky one! You probably have your photos currently spread across many different locations. One of the first things to do is to get them all into one spot. First, let me tell you why I think a single drive is important. Yes, it is possible and many people do this to spread your photos across multiple drives. You have to remember and constantly remind yourself of what photos are on what drive.

You have to label things and worry, and then your backup system becomes even more complex. I have enough things to think about without stacks of drives in my home and my brain trying to remember what drive is what! There is no need to have multiple drives when your current needs can be met with a single drive. Even me, yours truly, with about 4 terabytes of files can fit it all on one drive.

For the top-end hardware recommendation, I prefer the Promise Pegasus drive with a Thunderbolt connection. Note this is only on the Mac. The Thunderbolt connection is so insanely fast that it is like having an SSD! Another suggestion along these lines would be a Drobo with a Thunderbolt connection. A third suggestion is the LaCie drives which go beyond 1 TB. Part of this system requires a backup that will be stored in another location.

This may be an expense you were not expecting, but this is your data, your photos, your family, your life. If you lose it all, you will feel a horrible sense of loss If you want to read more about the reasoning, philosophy, and evolving practice of organization, see the introductory material in Level 2. You have a lot of pictures that go into the funnel, but only the most important and highest quality photos will come out of the funnel. This is the system we will work on.

Get all your photos into one place on your computer. If there happen to be directories already, then that is fine. That folder will be one huge mess of all kinds of images. You can have some stuff in the root, some buried in folders that you tried to organize before, etc. Right click on that To Import folder and check the size. Do you have enough space on your current drive or perhaps you have already realized this while trying to copy it all into a certain spot?

See the hard drive recommendations in the previous section to see what to get so that you can store the entire library in a single location.

Your final resting place will need to have at least GB so you have room to grow for a bit. No te: Open up Lightroom When creating your Library, make sure it is on the hard drive with all the extra room described above. LRCAT file that contains a directory of all your photos. The photos themselves will go to the same hard drive.

So, these things live together and that keeps it nice and organized. There are a few different import options. This is the destination selection. Here is how I got to the the folder on my desktop. Yours may be slightly different. I have left the Organize drop-down on its default of By date and the default date format as well so it will automatically folder my image by date.

KEY That area is over on the right. You can choose the default settings, but make sure that it is going to the hard drive with all the extra space from above. As we move forward in this tutorial we will use the below image to indicate where in the Lightroom interface we are referencing.

Let’s look at the profit margins

This is your catalog, and it needs to keep track of the location of everything inside Lightroom. You are free to re-organize the folders and files for your photos -- just be sure to remember to do it in Lightroom. Not all photos are equal. Sound good? If you keep all 50 at the same level of importance, then this is no longer interesting and your life-in-photos will become a blur of randomness.

Select the top level directory on the left under the Folders. In this example, mine is called , but yours may be different. A Collection is a way to organize your photos independent of the file structure. It does not make a copy of your photo - it merely is a pointer to the actual photo. You can put a song in many playlists, but you are not copying it around to multiple places. Now we need to promote your favorite photos to 5 Stars while leaving the others at 0 stars.

So, go find the first photo that ranks among the best and click on it. Press 5 on the keyboard, and it will become a 5-star photo. Now, take your time and go through all the photos in your library and mark your favorite ones with the 5- star rating. This step will take a while! In fact, it is the most time-consuming step of them all!

But look -- you gotta go through your photos and organize them right? This means pulling out the best photos, and this is the time when you do that. Okay now that you are done with that monster step good job!! All of the 5 stars should be up at the top. In fact, at this point, you may have realized those two categories are not right for your particular life.

Maybe you only have one collection, or maybe you have three or more collections. Click on one of your collections and behold - the best of the best!

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I make a habit of importing new photos, then going through and giving the best five stars before dragging them into collections. We need to make a copy of those eggs. STEP 6 You should rinse and repeat this six step process every two months or so. Get your second hard drive ready. If you remember, you need to make sure that second drive has enough room on it and is just used for backups. Go to Lightroom and right-click on a Mac two-finger-click on the top level of your directory structure under folder and choose the option that shows the location of the files.

Select that folder then choose Copy from the menu. Navigate to your backup drive, open the folder, then click Paste from the menu. Now you need to make a copy of your directory file - the. LRCAT file. Copy the. LRCAT file over to your backup drive. In the future, it will be incremental and faster. However, I will recommend two different services, depending upon your needs: SmugMug because it is a great place to put up your portfolio monthly cost but unlimited storage Google Drive because it is free or relatively inexpensive and easy.

There are many other side-benefits too, such as: Unlimited uploads Ability for me or others to order prints Easy web interface for uploading and organizing my photos I know many photographers who also use the site to make a bit of extra money on the side.

It is a very inexpensive and fun! These specs are always changing, so I will not put the cost structure here. However, you will get quite a lot for free. If you have more photos than that will hold, there will be a monthly fee required. All of this is available on the Google Drive website.

Open up a web browser and log into your Google Drive. Click Upload and then navigate to your directory that has all of your Lightroom Photos and your. Choose everything and click Upload. LEVEL 1: It gets easier from here on out! Now comes the part where you adopt new processes into your lifestyle to ensure that things remain moderately organized and backed up as your weeks, months, and years continue onward.

Having this system will really help you achieve a more zen mindset than you have achieved hitherto. I fully expect you to have a slightly different situation in your environment.

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Trey will share some of the stories his past and how the creativity came to flourish. The stories are very personal and often embarrassing, but they all contain unexpected life-lessons that helped shape his perspective on creativity, art, and life. You will be encouraged and inspired to make the most of your talents and passion right now.

Living in the Now Trey Ratcliff is a photographer, artist, writer and adventurer with over 12 million social media followers. Trey will share some of the more traumatic and embarrassing stories from his past that helped shape his perspective on art and life; and how photography changed everything for him.

How do photographers live, share, and thrive in this ever-changing digital world? What can schools and universities do to help prepare the next great generation of artists for a world they don't completely understand? What can the lessons of The Salon and The Impressionists teach us about the nature of art, critics, gatekeepers, and the public?

All of these topics and more are described in detail in a visually stimulating environment. What does it mean for traditional photography in the spheres of advertising, print, sales, stock, and more?Both Trey and I appreciate your support very much!

What do you miss about film? Are you starting to feel like your digital photos are a little unorganized? It's very cool -- a very detailed description of a best-of-breed digital workflow. While those attributes now define who Trey is today, that wasn't always the case.


There are a lot of little things. If you think your family or friends might like the Newsletter Subscribe Free , please feel free to forward this to them. What is the science behind HDR? What are you thoughts on that?

The best way to successfully market something is to have true believers with big followings talk about it on the Internet.