President - ViciDial Group ViciDial was a Perl/TK, click-to-dial user app . The free version of the Manager manual only contains the first two Chapters and six of the Tutorials. Item: version (PDF Download - pages - k). The Vicidial Group is committed to providing proper training around the VICIdial contact Kiax2 tutorial · Zoiper Classic tutorial · Xlite4 Tutorial (PDF document).

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Wiki VICIDial: ViciDial astGUIclient Manager Manual - Tutorials. About This Document: This document describes how to install GoAutoDial CE and get you started in making your first call using VICIDIAL in. Instructions for creating a Multiple-Server Vicidial Cluster using Vicibox or Vicibox which was published on the EFLO “Vicidial Howtos” and also as a PDF.

This feature is activated when your mouse pointer is on top of the orange 7otkeys button at the bottom of your screen.

The call will immediately be hung up, dispositioned automatically, and you will be able to take your ne4t call immediately. To use 7otkeys, it needs to be activated by your manager for your user login and for the campaign that you are using.

The Comments field allows you to add additional remarks regarding the call or customer, beyond the general information provided on the ' I1 tab.

This field appears below the ,Comments- field on the 'ain tab, and the 0isposition screen allowing you to add remarks even after you have hung up the call". The notes will each be stamped with the date D time of the previous call, along with the ser I0 of each agent.

A CALL fter a customer call is hung up, the green 0isposition screen will appear. I12 checkbo4 before selecting your status.

Navigation menu

This allows you to see the customer data below. This should be an infre6uent problem. If the call still does not hang up, you should be able to hang it up from the "conference call channel information" link list at the bottom of your agent screen after 0ispositioning the call.

This web form window will also be sent the disposition that you :ust selected for the previous call. It contains a countdown indicating how many seconds of wrapup time remain before the green wrapup screen disappears and you can take another call.

There is also a ,. This listing will show you the phone number of the caller, the name, if there is one, the amount of time the caller has been waiting in 6ueue, the agent the call came from or the number that the customer dialed to get to the 6ueue, the color of the In group, the name of the In group and whether the call is inbound or outbound.

To take a call you need to be paused.

There may be a delay of a few seconds, if the customer is listening to a place in line prompt or other non transfer prompt. The agent needs to choose a day from the calendar and then select a time hour, half hour and 'H ' menus at the top of the screen" for that lead to be contacted back.

What Is Vicidial

There is also a field for comments about the callback, if necessary. Since it's free, and can be installed virtually, and there's a PDF with instructions I recommend getting the paid version the day you actually get paid for your first sale from the Vicidial system.

A plain install is good, but learning the rest of the possibilities from the deeper book will always save much more than it cost. Start at page one.

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Work your way through until everything works. If you skip something, later something won't work and it'll likely be simply because of a skipped step or a step out of order. I actually do recommend the course in Clearwater. In this latest version of VICIdial here is a list of just a few of the new features we have added since the last manual release 2.

Only works if the "state" field is populated properly in your leads. Allows for some basic lead management through the web interface.

This is in the BETA testing phase currently, and is not recommended for use in production at this time. Also added red indicator on Reports page servers table if server falls out of sync.

This will also have the benefit of speeding up those scripts because preg is supposed to be more efficient and faster than ereg. Can be enabled as a crontab entry to perform the lookups on each asterisk server.

If enabled, all user passwords must be converted to encrypted passwords.

Each Tutorial assumes that you have read this manual and can build on each previous tutorial.It allows the agent to interface with the system during the process of a call and do things such as add or modify information about the customer, conference in other parties, transfer the call, record and many other functions necessary. This allows you to place the call while the customer is hold and speak with the other agent as long as you like before bringing the customer back on the line with all of you.

It allows you to 6uickly login to the C3' while the dialer loads the agent window.

There is also an option for a second web form button that goes to a different webpage if your manager has enabled it.

Allows for some basic lead management through the web interface. Just contact us to set up a support account and we can help you today. If you skip something, later something won't work and it'll likely be simply because of a skipped step or a step out of order.

This allows you to see the customer data below. You will first get a login prompt for the vicidial login then you will have the phone login where you enter the Login and Password for that phone entry.