14 St–Union Sq. L• N• Q• R• W• 4• 5• 6. L• N• Q• R• W. 3 AvL. 1 AvL. 8 St-NYU. R• W. Christopher St. Sheridan Sq1. Canal St. J•N•Q•R. W•Z•6. Canal St. A•C•E. Lexington Av Local. Flushing Local. MTA New York City Transit Subway Service. Station Name. This map may not be sold or offered for sale without written. Subway Map. Select a route for station stops, service and transfer information. To 1 Line Route and Schedule · To 2 Line Route and Schedule · To 3 Line Route.

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14 St–Union Sq. L• N• Q• R• 4• 5• 6. L• N• Q• R. 3 AvL. 1 AvL. 8 St-NYU. N•R. Christopher St. Sheridan Sq. 1. Canal St. J•N•Q. R•Z•6. Canal St. A•C•E. Spring St. The subway map depicts weekday service. Service differs by time of day and is sometimes affected by construction. Overhead directional signs on platforms. The NY subway system is the cheapest and most convenient way for NYC tourists to explore New York.

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The NYCTA rejected his systematic revision of nomenclature but did use his diagram of lines as its official map from to One of them, the 2-mile 3. The Transit Authority had to devise a new map design by the time the Chrystie Street Connection opened, so in , they opened the Subway Map Competition to the general public.

There were three winners; one of them, R. Raleigh D'Adamo, submitted an explanatory report with his map, which detailed his innovative proposal to color-code the subway by individual routes rather than by historic operating company. This concept was implemented by Dr Stanley Goldstein of Hofstra University, working as a consultant to the TA, and by Dante Calise, art director at Diamond Packaging, the firm that printed the subway map.

This New NYC Subway Map Shows the Second Avenue Line, So It Has to Really Be Happening

On November 26, , when the new connections opened, the new map came into use. Ronan , who wanted to create a modern brand image for this new body. While the Unimark signage project was still being finished off up with the creation of the New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual, Vignelli went to Ronan with a mock-up of part of the map for lower Manhattan.

By this time, the map was almost complete, but was subject to corrections and modifications requested by Raleigh D'Adamo, who was now Head of the Office of Inspection and Review at the MTA.

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These changes were carried out by Charysyn, who also oversaw the printing of the map. The map was unveiled by Ronan on August 4, at a ceremony in the station at 57th Street and Sixth Avenue.

Starting the following weekend, the maps began to be installed in stations and in subway cars. The maps became available at token booths for riders on August 7. Along with the map, a subway directory was unveiled. This specific one showed how to get from 57th Street to the other subway stations in the system in an alphabetical listing. Six further editions were produced from to , with extensive changes.

New York City Subway

I would also like to see for future expansions that were never built a map or maps that show the full extent of the expansion, If there was a date in which the extension was originally intended to be completed, that info would be appreciated as well.

I am an aspiring map maker of the future of the NYC Subway. Your posts are a huge inspiration for me and I always look at your site. I use Adobe Illustrator creating my maps as well. My question is, could you make a guide or tutorial of the basics for creating your maps? For example, outlines of boroughs, locations, route paths, stations, map keys and closeups of crowded areas.

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I imagine this will be a huge help for people who have their own ideas about how the subway will look. As I said, I really admire your work.

I also enjoy seeing your perception on how the map and city was in the past, present, and the future, and how old plans would have a significant impact on the city.

Thanks for the support and I wish you well! What a beautiful map! Meanwhile, along the no.

You did not correct the mistake at 81st Street. Briarwood is now just called Briarwood.

There are no stations named East Gun Hill Road. They are just Gun Hill Road. I have 3 suggestions 1.

How about a separate file to cross-reference the excellent notes to the numbered entries on the main map so that can be checked without scrolling back up ; 3. Thanks again for your wonderful work.

A complete and geographically accurate NYC Subway track map. Click the image to download the PDF map.

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Like this:By contrast, the Hertz map, which replaced the Vignelli design in , contained elements that were more curved and "organic looking" while clarifying the nuances and complexities of the three former systems. Book of Mormon Deals. NYC Tourist Information. Because of this designed distortion the subway map as we know it is more of a diagram: However, expect crowds just about anytime you board the NYC subway. Original maps for the privately opened Interborough Rapid Transit Company IRT , which opened in , showed subway routes as well as elevated routes.