Radiologia Odontologica Freitas - [Free] Radiologia Odontologica Freitas GMT (PDF) Crouzon | Manuella Onofri - 1 abr. grátis o arquivo FREITAS, Radiologia Odontológica enviado para a disciplina de Radiologia Odontológica PDF Aguinaldo Freitas -. 30 mar. Radiologia Odontologica Freitas - [PDF] [EPUB] Radiologia Odontologica Freitas Rede. Credenciada Saúde Pas. Encontre os profissionais, as.

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20 mar. Radiologia Odontologica Freitas - [PDF] [EPUB] Radiologia arquivo FREITAS, Radiologia Odontológica enviado para a disciplina de. 26 mar. Radiologia Odontologica Freitas - [Free] Radiologia Odontologica GMT manual odonto novo - (PDF) Crouzon | Manuella. Radiolog A Odontologica - [FREE] [PDF] [EPUB] Radiolog A Odontologica [ Ebooks] Avenida XV Radiologia Odontologica Freitas Rosa Souza PDF Baixar.

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Radiation exposure during midfacial imaging using 4- and slice computed tomography, cone beam computed tomography systems and conventional radiography. Dentomaxillofac Radiol ; 32 2 : The potential applications of cone beam computed tomography in the management of endodontic problems. International Endodontic Journal. Cotton TP et al. J Endod ; 33 9 : Value of two cone-beam computed tomography systems from a orthodontic point of view.

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J Orofac Orthop ; 68 4 : Kim S-H et al. Surgical positioning of orthodontic mini-implants with guides fabricated on models replicated with cone-beam computed tomography.

Radiographic examination of the temporomandibular joint using cone beam computed tomography. Dentomaxillofac Radiol ; 33 3 : Honey OB et al. Accuracy of cone-beam computed tomography imaging of the temporomandibular joint: comparisons with panoramic radiology and linear tomography.

Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop ; 4 : Diagnostic accuracy of cone beam computed tomography scans compared with intraoral images for detection of caries lesions. Dentomaxillofac Radiol ; 37 1 : Mah J, Hatcher D.

radiologia odontologica freitas pdf

Three-dimensional craniofacial imaging. Am J Orthod Dentofac Orthop ; 3 : The objective of this study was to investigate: i the coverage of dental radiographic equipment provided by the Brazilian National Health System in South Brazilian municipalities in ; and ii to investigate the performance of radiographic procedures in those municipalities that have this equipment.

Epidemiol Serv Saude. Data relating to the year , were collected in March The databases tabnet. As such, our study considered equipment that was technically available for use in SUS services. Data was collected on interproximal and periapical dental x-rays performed in each municipality in the period from January to December All Southern Brazilian municipalities were considered to be eligible.

The variables analyzed and their categorizations are presented below: Availability of radiographic equipment - variable dichotomized into: i availability of dental radiographic equipment municipalities with at least one dental radiographic equipment in operation ; and ii non-availability of such equipment. Recommended radiographic coverage - recommended coverage 1 dental radiographic equipment per 25, inhab.

Radiographic examinations performed - absolute number of procedures per 10, inhab.

Inconsistencies were checked by a third researcher Chisini LA. This study is a census of South Brazilian municipalities. The data collected were tabulated using Tabnet and subsequently exported to Stata The relative and absolute frequencies of the variables, as well as the means and standard deviations SD for the numerical variables were obtained.

Categorical variables were analyzed using Pearson's chi-squared test; continuous variables were analyzed both by analysis of variance ANOVA and also by the Bonferroni test.

In order to analyze the 'dental radiographic equipment per PHU' variable, it was converted into a logarithmic scale. This conversion was done owing to non-normal distribution.

As this study used only secondary data, it was exempt from appraisal by a Research Ethics Committee, in accordance with National Health Council Resolution No. Results A total of dental radiographic equipments were identified in the three states of Southern Brazil. The quantity of dental radiographic equipments available per PHU was 0.

Municipalities in the state of Santa Catarina had the highest number of radiographic examinations performed per 10, inhab. Discussion Less than half of the Southern Brazilian municipalities had dental radiographic equipment suitable for use and more than half of it was not used to perform any radiography examinations during Therefore, the availability of equipment did not necessarily imply x-rays being performed.

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Great thanks, in advance!Locations with a large population provide referral services to smaller municipalities surrounding them, because they have a higher concentration of health professionals, PHU and hospitals, which could explain the greater amount of equipment and higher levels of radiographic examinations in these municipalities. Freitas, A. Evaluation of secondary care in oral health: a study of specialty clinics in Brazil.

Odontogenic myxoma with diffuse calcifications: a case report and review of a rare histologic feature. Discrepant results between states and regions may be justified by local and regional social and political inequities. Radiation exposure during midfacial imaging using 4- and slice computed tomography, cone beam computed tomography systems and conventional radiography.

Epidemiol Serv Saude.